30 January, 2017


secret location

29 January, 2017

Mt. Burdell

Hike, playground and Creekside Bakery make a great day in Novato. 

25 January, 2017

Marin City

Stoked to have bike classes in Marin City!

24 January, 2017


Old Air Force base turned interesting suburb. Hamilton, Novato.

old hospital?

official coliseum/theater for the Air Force base?

shot from the handlebars


passenger train soon returns after a 70 year hiatus 

bike path under HWY 37 is NOT open!

17 January, 2017

Natalie Coffin Greene

Living roof.

Thanks to Bay Area Bikemobile for fixing kids' bikes today!

16 January, 2017


15 January, 2017

12 January, 2017

Above and Below the Bay

A nautical day. Ferry to Aquarium of the Bay.

06 January, 2017

01 January, 2017