29 June, 2016

Pine Mountain

On each ride I've left a part of my soul in the rocky soil of Pine Mountain.

evening stroll along Mill Valley path

27 June, 2016

Lake Lagunitas

Another best day ever.

26 June, 2016

Rodeo Beach

We watched the fog burn off on the beach.

24 June, 2016

Concrete Pipe Rd

Quick ride with Heather after work. Thanks to Oma and Papa for watching Jacob!

22 June, 2016

Rocky Ridge

Into the wild. Nothing is better than the road less traveled.


19 June, 2016

15 June, 2016

Phoenix Lake

Another sunrise ride. I love long summer days!

12 June, 2016

Alto Dirt

Another short and sweet 30 minute ride. I brake for deer!

07 June, 2016

End of School Year

My year starts in August and ends in June. 

Here's to another great year at the schools! 

fixing our fleet for next year!

01 June, 2016

Lake Lagunitas

Up at the break of dawn to get in a ride, worth it!

17 miles up 1,200 feet in 1 hour 20 minutes.