26 February, 2016

Work and Play

A new structure at Heather Park!

"Every morning when you wake up, you have to feel that your city is a little better than the day before. That is a nice feeling, because it gives you hope for the generations to come." Jan Gehl

24 February, 2016

Alto Dirt

Stoked to get back on my neighborhood dirt!

And see my family too!

21 February, 2016


A bike in the woods, good times!

15 February, 2016

Coast View

26 miles up 3,500 feet in 2.5 hours. Thanks Oma!

14 February, 2016

Remillard Park

Low tide is the right time to be with the beach.
We shared our first California burrito (fries)!

11 February, 2016


Spring like weather and the saucer magnolias are blooming.

07 February, 2016

Oat Hill Mine Road

Up and down 2,000 rugged feet of trail.

06 February, 2016

Mt. St. Helena

A warm and sunny welcome to February and a great ride up a mountain.

05 February, 2016

Safe Routes

Another great week visiting five schools!

natural open space

deadly open space, why is the street this wide???

01 February, 2016

Corte Madera Summit

8 miles up 1,400 feet in 50 minutes on the nice bike.