27 October, 2015

Mt. Tam

Up and over Mt. Tam via Lake Lagunitas.
25 miles in 2 hours up 3,000 feet.
Warm fall breeze and light clouds.

23 October, 2015

Baltimore Canyon

Hike from home into the woods of Baltimore Canyon!

18 October, 2015

Corte Madera

Riding above and around town today.

14 October, 2015


Our vacy to Monterey changed to Mendocino. We rented a private cottage and headed north!

the adjacent kids cottage

Van Damne State Park


Mendocino Headlands State Park

Big River State Park

10 October, 2015

Safe Routes

This week was busy with events and classes.

We ended the week with another amazing bike field trip from Drake HS to San Rafael Theater!

100+ bikes parked

 International Walk and Roll to School Day

it is too dangerous to ride your bike to Tam Valley...

...because they packed it full of cars

 hopefully these kids will know better than to endlessly accommodate driving

In other news...

03 October, 2015


Tenderfoot is a rough trail that keep you honest. PR today. Scenic on the old railroad grade.

Safe Routes

The library to library family bike tour was super fun!

Thanks to Fairfax and San Anselmo public libraries!

helmet and bike check

...and we're off

bike and helmet decorations

thanks everyone!

01 October, 2015


"Share" the road or path is meaningless and here is research to support this claim!

Walk, bike, drive... clear, easy. Bogota, Colombia.

Safe Routes

A full week at MVMS teaching students the rules of the road!

hidden Bay Trail!