25 July, 2015

Tamarack Lake to Sierra City

Bike and hike-a-bike up to Tamarack Lakes, up to Sunrise Trail, and down to Sierra City!

24 July, 2015

Mills Peak

This was the epic ride we were looking for! We went up and down the rugged Mills Peak trail for a whopping 3,300 feet of climbing. A well earned descent.


23 July, 2015


Today I did the Downieville Downhill. 'Nuff said for mountain bikers who have tested their fate on a trail that drops from 7,000' to the little town of Downieville at 2,800'.

22 July, 2015

Sierra Buttes Lookout, almost...

We didn't quite make it to the top, perhaps we should have saved some energy from a run down Sunrise Trail, but there were great views to enjoy even below the 8,600 ft summit.



16 July, 2015


Briones ride on our new slightly modified go-to route. Fun stuff!

14 July, 2015

Dias to Middle Green Gulch

Thanks for watching Jacob Oma!!!

13 July, 2015


Traffic was delayed coming home from the office, a rattlesnake blocked Wagon Wheel Trail!

trail sans-snake

10 July, 2015

Family Biking

Touring the local parks in the baby-bike!

sandy playground in a field

wood-chip playground in the redwoods

08 July, 2015

Academy of Sciences

We had a great afternoon at the Academy of Sciences!

Claude the albino croc

we also visited the Discovery Museum

06 July, 2015

Corte Madera Summit

Up the 1,000 foot hill in my backyard.

01 July, 2015

Baby Bike

A great evening trip to the park!

yesterday's hike