29 June, 2015

Coast View to Coastal Trail

A fantastic 30 miles up 4,300 feet in 2 hours 45 minutes.

Coast View trail to Coastal Trail kept me relatively cool in the summer heat!

leopard lilies are back on Mt. Tam!

28 June, 2015


Yet another totally awesome ride!

26 June, 2015

John Nicholas Trail

 We visited the newly made John Nicholas Trail near Los Gatos. Awesome!

21 June, 2015

Crockett Hills

I finished exploring the new trails at Crockett Hills. Good stuff.

there's trails in them hills

19 June, 2015

Cargo Baby Bike

Lots of students saying hello, adults ogling my sweet ride.

Baby is napping, daddy is biking, everyone is happy (especially me)!

17 June, 2015

Lake Lagunitas

Riding the dirt with Heather on a beautiful weekday!

16 June, 2015

Cargo Bike Baby

Another beautiful day for a ride and this time I brought Jacob!

the paths were busy with activity, despite this shot

nap time

15 June, 2015

East East Bay

Past the East Bay lies the east East Bay. The north east Bay hosts many miles of trails over grassy hills and through oak forests.
 Briones and more Briones!

Thanks to Oma and Papa for watching Jacob!

11 June, 2015

Alpine Dam

The scenic route back from the office, then a short off-road ride!

09 June, 2015

Safe Routes

We had a fantastic final day of the school year for our walking and biking classes!

Road trip the USA by bike in seconds-

leftover chalk nubs from the year

time to repair the fleet for next year

07 June, 2015


A great ride and then a fun afternoon at the beach and park.

Jacob sees doggies!

06 June, 2015

Safe Routes

Another great bike give-away and training at MLK Elementary!

04 June, 2015

Gold Hill

Lunch break ride above Coleman Elementary in San Rafael.

01 June, 2015

Marin Headlands

My easy rides are now hard rides. I can't wait to get back to form this summer!

more time to take in the views when you're slower