29 September, 2014


After an awesome class at Dixie Elementary, I rode home to ride the sweet rocky soil of Tam!

27 September, 2014

Tennessee and Rodeo Beach

Great ride along the Marin Headlands on a sunny Saturday morning.

25 September, 2014


Great week so far at Mill Valley Middle, where average bike count is 250-300 bikes!

21 September, 2014

Warner Canyon

I ride harder when my legs starting feeling soft. Good ramble around my neck of the woods.

20 September, 2014

Lake Lagunitas, Blithedale Ridge

After a great Family Biking event I went for a dirt spin!

19 September, 2014

Good Morning 194 Stairs

After a cup of joe I hike the baby up 194 stairs behind our abode.  These old Marin hills are home to walking paths (and narrow streets) that predate cars!

There are multiple paths up Christmas Tree Hill and they are often signed. Each flight can be constructed of different materials and dimensions.  One minute you're hopping between concrete slabs that are off-camber with no guard rail and the next you're on creaky old wood.  Awesome variety!

new lumber for the creaky old wooden flight

Jacob approves!

15 September, 2014

Rodeo Beach

Lunch break in San Rafael.

After work ride to the sunny headlands!

climbing Old Springs Trail

looking down on Rodeo Beach

new bike path along Mill Valley Middle School

08 September, 2014

Davidson, Lake Lagunitas

Bike classes for 1,000+ students at Davidson Middle School!

After work ride to Lake Lagunitas!

07 September, 2014

Black Sands Beach

Hike to the beach with Heather and Jacob!

04 September, 2014

Safe Routes

Awesome first week back to school at Sun Valley and Sinaloa!

more bikers every year at Sinaloa

"I forgot how fun it was to ride my bike!" Sinaloa 6th grader

Thanks to Novato Police for helping with the rules of the road!

Jim getting obstacle course started at Sun Valley

Peter reviews the rules of the road