31 August, 2014

Rodeo Beach

Holiday weekend at the beach!

30 August, 2014

Carseat, hold the car.

Saturday rides are shorter, but now with much more baby!

one of us is about to fall asleep

29 August, 2014

Friday is a baby day!

Friday is a baby day!

morning walk on christmas tree hill

Earlier in the week I was visiting schools in San Rafael when I saw this re-purposing of parking.

not just for car storage anymore, game on!

Also earlier in the week, my baby was still adorable.

25 August, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

Lunch ride to Lake Lagunitas. This place always looks Auto Awesome even before Google!

24 August, 2014

Ring Mountain

Great hike on Ring Mountain with the fam!

23 August, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks for watching Jacob, Oma & Papa. I went for a ride!

hundreds of bikers out today

22 August, 2014

"Stay at home" dad

First day as part-time stay at home dad!

20 August, 2014

Ring Mountain

Quick spin up around Ring Mountain with its scenic views of the bay.

19 August, 2014

Bacich Bike Build

Bacich teachers built bikes to be donated this morning. 

It was fun to help and show-off some of our cool teaching toys!

17 August, 2014

Mt. Burdell

While Heather and Jacob went to a baby shower I climbed nearby Mt. Burdell.

view of Stafford Lake


stopping for a deer

16 August, 2014

Cargo Bike, Advocacy

4 bags of groceries, 12 pack of beer and room to spare.  I love my cargo-bike!


bike parking, dutch style!

drivers respecting vulnerable road users

Bogota, Columbia opened roads to cyclists for 1 week this February!

12 August, 2014

Leaving Paid Family Leave

I've been very grateful for the time-off to spend with my new son!  We've been taking lots of nearby walks and our favorite destination is definitely Tiburon.

adding some green to my bike thanks to spray paint. surprising not horrible

bigger every day!

thanks papa for the beautiful handmade crib!

09 August, 2014

Hoo Koo E Koo, Marincello

I got in two mountain rides today for 30 miles up 3,700 feet.  Between rides I got to watch mountain bike racing and wrench on my bikes.

looking towards San Francisco on a sunny summer day
GPS MAP 1, 2


06 August, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

When I first moved to Marin I worked part-time and rode part-time.  I'm glad I spent the hours in the saddle when I could because I now have a profound connection to these wild places and when I visit it's like seeing an old friend!

my old friends the lakes and trees

01 August, 2014


Out to Tenderfoot Trail which was foggy at the top and sunny at the bottom.

into the outdoor air conditioning