16 February, 2014

Hit and Miss- TEDx

TEDxTalks are hit and miss.  Here's a miss and then a hit.

MISS:  Elf Electric Pedal Car.

Why?  The talk starts with listing the problems with conventional bikes; you get sweaty, they don't carry stuff, and exposure to weather.  In reality Americans  report not biking because their environment is built for driving. Largely they feel unsafe and often the distance is too far.

Apparently bicycles don't work?  This is a glorified golf cart.

Hit: Louisiana bike dude, Mark.

Why?  This straight talking guy lays it out.  Cars are super dangerous.  One of three Americans will be seriously injured by a car in their lifetime.  The costs of constant car wrecks are astronomical.  Bikes improve health, bam!
"I thought about bicycles, if I thought about them at all, the way most people in the United States think about bicycles.  They're either a child's toy, a rich man's obsession, or a poor man's last choice."