31 January, 2014

Mt Tam

I got in a sweet ride over Mt. Tam on a sunny Friday!

view from 2,500 feet

27 January, 2014


I've been enjoying this new commute to north Novato along the train tracks.

The trip will be even better when the SMART train comes!

Old train station and new railroad ties.

View of Tam from McInnis Park

26 January, 2014


We took BART into SF with our niece and nephew to visit the new Exploratorium!

beautiful design and location

outdoor seating and playstructure
above images here

Tons of hands-on exhibits!

NY Times: In New Home Exploratorium Widens Its Interactive Appeal

20 January, 2014

Coast View Trail

I had a fantastic ride on this MLK Day and I'm happy to be over the flu!

Before the ride I worked on the bike and it was riding great until it dropped the chain, which got wedged in the chainguard.  While I took a minute to realigned my chain I chatted with some mtb friends from Mill Valley Midddle School.

perfect riding conditions

18 January, 2014

Germany's Auto-ban

Hamburg, Germany is planning to trade Autobahn for Auto-ban!
For a country which prides itself on having given the world the Mercedes and the Autobahn, it represents a major ideological U-turn: Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, is planning to ban all cars from its centre over the next 20 years and put thousands of commuters on bikes.
"Ban all cars" and "put commuters on bikes" might sound alarming to many motorists.  By moderately restricting car access and providing attractive alternates, most people turn to safer and more efficient alternatives such as bicycles and public transit.

The new Green Network will be composed of beautiful parks, public transit, and bicycles highways that will carry the bulk of transportation needs previously served by cars.  Nearby cities in the Netherlands and Denmark do this already.
Some 30 city planners are currently working full time on plans for the network which will cover some 17,000 acres. In 15 to 20 years it will be possible to explore the city exclusively by bike or on foot. It will help attract "highly educated and competent people" to the city.
Besides creating an awesome place to live, the sea level city hopes to lead the charge against global warming.  The Green Network is also planned to work with existing waterways and could be used to help mitigate increasing floods from sea level rise.

Green Network

Removing a highway may seem crazy, but highways in cities do more harm than good.  City highways make traffic jams, divide neighborhoods and cause property values to plummet.  Removing an urban highway does the opposite!

It looks like Hamburg currently has the same bicycle growing pains as many cities around the world.  The difference might be that they will solve them.

Will problems like this soon be a thing of the past in Hamburg?

17 January, 2014


I had a fantastic Friday at Olive Elementary.  The 42 mile commute took me to parts of Novato that I would have never explored otherwise.

Hard to tell this beautiful path is at the junction Hwy 101 & 37

13 January, 2014

Rush Creek

After teaching at Olive Elementary I visited nearby Rush Creek.

Hidden in plain view, just east of Hwy 101 it's definitely a gem.  Despite being known as a beginners ride, the trail weaves along the contours of the hills for great riding.

10 January, 2014

Safe Routes

A great start to the new year this week with lots of Safe Routes classes!

56 mile bike commute on Monday

Here's some drawings from Glenwood Elementary 4th graders.

Nothing is better than a bike path full of kids on my way home.

05 January, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

I'm back in the saddle after a week of vacation. GPS Map.

After my mountain loop we ran errands around town.

Piper Park