31 December, 2014

Best of 2014

10. Walking with Jacob

9. My job with Safe Routes to Schools!

7. Water in Dawn Falls and friends visiting!

4. My Cargo Bike

2. South Lake Tahoe with sis' fam

Looking forward to 2015!

30 December, 2014

Laurel Dell

Out my door and into paradise. 32 miles up 5,000 feet was just enough punishment.

up old railroad grade

woods of Laurel Dell

views of point reyes, farallon islands and stinson beach

28 December, 2014

Eldridge to Blithedale

Been a month and a half since my last mountain bike ride and that is too long.

Even after the recent rains, the dirt is great. I rode in shorts with no fenders!

25 December, 2014


Merry Christmas means celebrate family


21 December, 2014

Dawn Falls

A great Dawn Falls hike with Amit and Monica!

20 December, 2014

Alto Tunnel

#babyselfie at the abandoned Alto Tunnel!

18 December, 2014


Last day at school for me till the new year!

behind that wall people staring at bumpers instead of a redwood grove...

16 December, 2014


I've had a couple long commutes in pouring rain recently. Good rain gear means the fun goes on!

 back entrance to Rancho Elementary

conquering the storm!

Gil Penalosa from 8-80 Cities

14 December, 2014


Biking, cleaning, walking, shopping, hiking, Sunday!

11 December, 2014

more rain

A wet start to winter didn't stop me from commuting to Novato until an approaching storm with high winds caused schools to cancel!

Although I commuted to Novato in the flood last week, I wasn't looking forward to riding in winds over 30mph being added to the mix.

between the storms at Rancho

04 December, 2014


Winter storm, roads flooded, highway stopped, thankfully biking saved me two hours compared to driving the 15 mile return from Novato.

Peggy's view of Mill Valley flooding

01 December, 2014


I had a great day at Hamilton Elementary.
They new Bay Trail looks great and the train will be here soon!

30 November, 2014


I hope everyone had much to give thanks for this week.

good food and family!

26 November, 2014

Canal Trail, Briones

I rode the entire length of the Contra Costa Canal Trail for the first time.

sometimes a scenic and relaxing path

sometimes a dangerous path

so many problems with this...

Then we went for a hike in Briones!

25 November, 2014

Carquinez Scenic

I spun out to the newly opened George Miller Trail along the Carquinez Straight.

beyond the trail and out into open space

24 November, 2014

22 November, 2014

walking around town

I love living near great places to walk.  With our new rain jacket there's no need to stop for winter!

19 November, 2014

Spare the Air

I've been featured on the Spare the Air Youth Blog!

Keep up with their blog and others on my news feed, left side of blog.

18 November, 2014

St. Anselm's

Safe Routes to Schools day at St. Anselm's!

17 November, 2014

City Cycle

City Cycle is taking care of us by fixing a truck-load of bikes to donate to kids!