29 September, 2013

Tam Dirt Frondo

I rode the MCBC Tam Dirt Frondo and it was awesome!

climbing coastal trail

rest stop at Muir Beach

On the way up Cardio Hill I met up with Erik and we rode together.

rest stop at Coast View Trail

foggy day

Erik descending Eldrigde

post-ride brew and BBQ

dining with a view

28 September, 2013

Marin Wins

One reason I love living in Marin is that conditions for biking and walking seem to improve every month. The new "bike spine" school route opened in Fairfax!

green markings/signs indicate the route

Even bigger news this month was the decision to abandon misguided highway "improvements" in favor of alternative transportation investments. 

Recent research suggests "the driving boom is over" and future generations will be glad TAM had forward vision!

23 September, 2013


I rode Pipeline for the first time, though I meant to turn off on Tenderfoot.

Pipeline follows a pipe, not my picture.

22 September, 2013


Another great weekend loop in Briones.  The dirt was perfect after yesterday's rain!

On Friday I got in a hike with my brother along Dawn Falls and up Barbara Springs Trail.

19 September, 2013

Rock Springs to Coast View

I really haven't been riding much to prepare for the upcoming Dirt Frondo.
I plan to finish the 45 mile +7,000 feet ride, but I may not look fresh at the finish!

hazy SF skyline SF

my break spot

15 September, 2013

Blithedale, Rodeo Beach

I had a great Sunday that included a short ride and beach nap.

Blithedale Ridge looking at Tam

Rodeo beach and lagoon.

12 September, 2013

CA Academy of Sciences

Heather and I went to the California Academy of Sciences.


America's Cup Exhibit

11 September, 2013


My brother and I hiked the Dipsea trail to Muir Woods National Monument.  This amazing trail starts near downtown Mill Valley where we parked our bikes.

Paul and the Dipsea

Ben Johnson Trail in Muir Woods

06 September, 2013

Davidson Bikes

1,000+ students getting bike instruction at Davidson Middle School!

the quiet before students arrive

full bike racks

our bike fleet

02 September, 2013

Mt. Tam- Rock Spring Rd

I put in a fast lap over Mt. Tam and it felt great.  Fast is fun.

01 September, 2013

Tiburon Path

We walked the Tiburon path for 6 miles of flat scenic strolling.

bikers waiting to ferry back to SF

A Beatles cover band was rocking in Belvedere.