29 May, 2013

Bike Share NY Debut

While many cities have bike share, NY is doing it big (it's the big city after all).

Mayor Bloomberg put the press in their place (Bloomberg Was on Fire)
I’m sure there will be people who will, just like they are today, take their bicycles and do things that break the law. This will shock you but there are even people in automobiles who do the same thing. When you take a look at the number of people killed in automobiles, it sort of dwarfs everything put together on the road. -NY Mayor Bloomberg
Afterwards 6,000 bicycles started carrying people to their destination in a quiet, clean, inexpensive, efficient and safe manner.

Our friend Kate, before the opening. 

Asking  "will bike share succeed?" is like asking if bikes will succeed.
This machine has been providing transportation with benefits for over 130 years.
Yes it will succeed.  Bike Share Poised to Pop Up Everywhere.