30 May, 2013

DMV Hates Bikes

The California DMV wants drivers to know that passing a double yellow line is illegal, even when it is necessary to pass safely.

It is impossible to pass safely in this narrow lane.

Amazingly, instructional videos often say one thing and then show the opposite.

California Gov. Brown has repeatedly vetoed the law that would allow drivers to safely pass a cyclists in this situation, requiring 3 feet of space or a reduced speed from the driver (nearly half the states already have this law).  Clearly our Department of Motor Vehicles doesn't understand best practices for biking.

29 May, 2013

Bike Share NY Debut

While many cities have bike share, NY is doing it big (it's the big city after all).

Mayor Bloomberg put the press in their place (Bloomberg Was on Fire)
I’m sure there will be people who will, just like they are today, take their bicycles and do things that break the law. This will shock you but there are even people in automobiles who do the same thing. When you take a look at the number of people killed in automobiles, it sort of dwarfs everything put together on the road. -NY Mayor Bloomberg
Afterwards 6,000 bicycles started carrying people to their destination in a quiet, clean, inexpensive, efficient and safe manner.

Our friend Kate, before the opening. 

Asking  "will bike share succeed?" is like asking if bikes will succeed.
This machine has been providing transportation with benefits for over 130 years.
Yes it will succeed.  Bike Share Poised to Pop Up Everywhere.

27 May, 2013

Robson-Harrington Park

A hidden jewel of a park, Robson-Harrington Park.

25 May, 2013

Bald Hill, Eldridge

I was going to summit Tam but a medical emergency temporarily closed the trail around Phoenix Lake.  I took a detour up and down Bald Hill before returning to my neck of the woods via Eldridge.

view of Pine Mountain and White's Hill

24 May, 2013


Our Safe Routes program works, but don't take my word for it.

"Now that I know that fuel pollutes the air I will try to bike and walk more to make the earth cleaner and a better place."
"What an important and valuable experience you provide!"

23 May, 2013


It's no secret that I love Streetsblog. Here's some great articles from this week.

more poor are in suburbs than cities

“Overall, in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, 700,000 households do not have a vehicle and are not served by public transit of any kind, and 95 percent of those households are suburban,” the authors write.

21 May, 2013

Skyline to Sea Trail

Heather and I hiked the Skyline to Sea Trail with Monica!


30 miles of backpacking

two nights camping

redwood forests

good company

afreak double-footed California newt


17 May, 2013

another week at the "office"

On-bike classes at Lu Sutton and Our Lady of Loretto.

Davidson Bike Club

13 May, 2013

Coast View

Uber-extended the weekend to get in a ride to the cool coast.

up the hills to West Point Inn

enjoying many new bike parts today

down the hills to Muir Beach

12 May, 2013


We spent the weekend in Pasadena for a wedding.

Yes LA is the birthplace of driving, but while in Pasadena we walked the scenic streets. This particular neighborhood has a walkscore of 81 and I even got to walk to the wedding!

Colorado Blvd, main drag

Los Angeles and especially Pasadena were once home to the cycling movement.  Here's another classic "California Gold" TV show on the subject.

Congrats Sara and Jack!

09 May, 2013

Bike to Work Day

I biked to work... where I rented an F-150.  After-school ride today was epic.

Happy B-to-W ya'll, a great day regardless of how often you ride!

Mill Valley Path this morning

On a different note here's a mind-numbing article about how few Bay Area drivers are held accountable for killing pedestrians.

For full size right-click and open image in new window.

07 May, 2013

Helmets Don't Do What We Think

Bicycling Magazine published a long article about bike helmets.  Yes, helmets don't do what we think they do in terms of protecting the brain.  The cover touts this revelation "Cycling's Air-Bag Moment."

If your primary concern is protecting the brain from concussions then people like myself want reform to focus the impact tolerance on smaller forces and avoiding rotation. Yes if you get nailed by a car harder is better, but if your 5 year-old takes a spill in the park you might want a second helmet choice.

How about printing an article about reducing vehicle speeds near bikes/peds?
Now that's safety!

National Bike Safety Curriculum 

05 May, 2013


Quick loop in Briones with Heather hiking the dog.

Spirit finally caught the bike!

03 May, 2013

Sinaloa, Stafford Lake

After-school ride from Sinaloa Middle School to Stafford Lake Park, 8 miles in 90+ heat.

break at Stafford Lake

Good ride everybody!

01 May, 2013

Warner Canyon

After work ride with Heather to Mill Valley's Warner Canyon.

alligator lizard

Pride of Madeira (a Portuguese Island) flowers

Tamarancho Flow Trail

I couldn't wait to try the new "flow" trail at Tamarancho.

According to IMBA "Flow trails engage riders, providing challenge and fun in an environment that is never steep, extreme, or dangerous."

True to Tamarancho this is a technical flow trail, watch your speed!

I crashed here...

At any rate, I'll be back to hone my skills on this groomed trail.  GPS Map.