21 December, 2012


Elderly man (87) wedges car in the bike path over Corte Madera Creek/HWY 101.

why transportation alternatives are needed for elderly

London study: cycling up to 5 times safer than driving for young men.

“Perceived road danger is a strong disincentive to cycling" Mindell added. “But research regarding the safety of cycling tends to be distorted... with many substantially overstating cycling injuries.”

Don't worry mom, I'm not driving.

Gun control v.s. Car control.

This chart from CDC shows injury deaths by age. This was one of my first resources when I became interested in safety for myself and children after being hit by a car.

While you may not own a gun let alone a semi-automatic assault rifle, you probably drive. Take this opportunity to reaffirm safe driving habits. Don't pull the trigger on speeding or distractions from the road. Guns and cars are clearly both dangerous tools.

I was a good boy this year, so naturally I get $tuff.
All I want for Xmas is bike parts!