28 December, 2012

2012 Review

James Bikes Green's 5th Year

Top 10 Moments 2012

10.  National Bike Challenge: GPS my rides, 4 months at 114 miles/week.

9.  Riding to St. Paul:  Minnesota knows bike paths.

8.  SF Sunday Streets: people of the city reclaim space for happiness.

7.  SF Critical Mass: 20th anniversary of the international community ride.

655 Mile Marin Mountain Bike Loop: because Marin loves open space.

5.  Playworks Bike-Build:  volunteering to assemble new bikes for kids.

4.  Point Reyes National Seashore:  amazing wildlife/ocean viewing.

3.  My Job:  Lets make our streets safe for active kids.

Learning the "Rules of the Road" at our Bike Rodeo

2.  Lake Tahoe:  a week of alpine hiking and biking w/Heather!

1.  Looking Forward To Next Year!
Hoping to repeat this list and then some.