31 October, 2012

Mt. Tam

I wanted to ride an epic today but rains convinced me otherwise, up and over Tam!

30 October, 2012


Most streets are small with 18.5 mph speed limits, bikes and cars mix.
Car traffic is always light because these are not thru-roads for drivers.

Arterials take people quickly (direct without stops) to distant areas. Bicycle freeways!

Fast moving car traffic (18.5mph+) is always physically separated.

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my custom edit from the Robert Wood Johnson infographic

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Here's an animation explaining "taking the lane" AKA how to get honked at by rude drivers.

28 October, 2012

Coast View Trail

Another gorgeous fall day here.  I got in a loop out to Coat View trail before visiting WTB.

Friday we watched sunset from Rodeo Beach.

24 October, 2012

Bike Growth

The simple, efficient and fun bike is more and more popular!

22 October, 2012

China Camp, Go Dutch

Lunch break in China Camp State Park between classes at Glenwood Elementary.

view of Richmond Bridge from China Camp

Glenwood walks & rolls!

Here's a great video explaining how the Netherlands became bike friendly.

21 October, 2012

Coast View & Coastal Trail

Great loop along Coastal View and Coastal trails.  I'm tired and ready for the Giants game!

next stop Muir Beach

flying down Coastal to Tennessee Beach

construction on Coyote Creek Path

Yesterday we hiked in Tennessee Valley up to Hawk Hill on Old Springs.

19 October, 2012

680 Trail

I got onto the new 680 trail between classes at Hidden Valley Elementary.

I took a tumble and ended up pretty dusty for my last class!

bridges on the 680 trail

18 October, 2012

Blithedale Ridge

I rode a mountain bike to my last classes in Mill Valley and hit the trails for the ride back.

Blithedale Ridge has a number of trails between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.

looking at the city

Dang the weather was nice today, leaves blowing in the warm breeze!

14 October, 2012

Frisbee Knoll

Along the rugged Truck Rd lies Pine Mountain and Frisbee Knoll, one of my favorite spots.  

Truck Road looking towards Mt. Tam

Truck Road looking at Pine Mountain

Frisbee Knoll

13 October, 2012

Family Biking/Biketoberfest

We piloted our new Family Biking Workshops this morning to a great crowd of families.

Join us next week for our awesome bike rodeo

Then it was to Biketoberfest!  After a brew and catching up with friends we led a group ride to the Larkspur Ferry for people returning to SF and the South Bay.

beer + bikes = festival 

cargo bike races

11 October, 2012

Stanford U

I drove a rental car down to Palo Alto for business today.

Don't worry, I wore a helmet in the car.  Driving top cause of traumatic brain injury.

Now you're ready to safely drive a car.

After catching up on jokes with local 3rd graders, I rode around the bike friendly campus.

another bawdy frat house

communist bike shop destroying America's free market

09 October, 2012

Lake Lagunitas

Around Lake Lagunitas this afternoon, beautiful as always.

The trails are plenty dusty... I'd like to request an early rain from mother nature.

Bon Tempe Lake

08 October, 2012

Southern Marin Line

I took a short spin on the rail-to-trail known as Southern Marin Line.

I wrote about this easily overlooked trail in A Flat Ride Up a Steep Hill.

I really enjoy these mini-rides. A ride that lasts only minutes is still a ride!

04 October, 2012

Ring Mountain

I got onto Ring Mountain today, a steep ascent but fun rocky terrain up top.

 big rocks and a big bike

03 October, 2012

I Love My Job

Happy International Walk to School Day!

I started the day giving prizes to walkers and bikers at Davidson Middle School.

Ultra-minimal I-Walk station, w/pencils, patch-kits, and Cliff bars!

Then I rode to Dixie Elementary to teach traffic safety.

Dixie bike rack!

I ended the day at Kent Middle School teaching a 2 hour after-school class attended by a number of stduents and the mountain bike club.

23 miles of riding, dozens of kids getting stoked on biking, I love my job!

02 October, 2012


Our friend Kate just finished a bike tour of northern New York.

And my boss-friend Wendi just finished an awesome two day ride.

I'm really excited to be scouting locations for another bike tour of our own.

There are many ways to ride a bike.  Touring or distance rides can be really rewarding.