11 August, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Heather and I took a week at Lake Tahoe to get in some biking, hiking, and beach hopping.

North America's largest alpine lake, the second deepest, and the 26th largest in the world.

Lake Tahoe

We camped at Fallen Leaf Lake which is the large southern lake.

Fallen Leaf Lake view of Mt Tallac

this bike path lead into town and to beaches from our campsite

We biked to the trail-head and hiked into the Desolation Wilderness to reach more lakes and beaches.

Susie Lake

Heather Lake

 small sandy beach

a rugged trail

old tree

We biked the famous Flume Trail high above Lake Tahoe, passing Spooner and Marlette Lake before ending the day at Nevada Beach.  Endomondo Map. Strava Map.

 narrow cliff-side trail

 view down to Sand Harbor

The next day we beach hopped on the bike path.

Pope Beach

Baldwin Beach

At the end of the week we said good-bye to our campground.

Fallen Leaf Lake 

Before leaving we rode a segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail just south of Tahoe City.

Paige Meadows