11 May, 2012

National Bike Days

This week was crazy fun with National Bike to School/Work Day.  

During all the biking I watched a bobcat cross the road into wild-flowers.

And inattentive drivers collide on an industrial road near the highway.

The dichotomy underlies the choices we have before us.  We can use our limited public space for endless road sprawl or we can build communities with room for open space.

We're still building dead-ends with regards to safety, health, social equity, livability and sustainability.  It is high time America expects more from our public space.

Portland making room for everybody, even the trees.

Increasingly our environment is our choice.  As Enrique Penalosa says, we can build a city for people or a city for cars, but not both.  Choose life.

 Bike to School Day 2012