31 May, 2012


Another rad ride with Heather and Virginia.

down Old Springs

rodeo with Twin Cities Police

29 May, 2012

Bald Hill

Conquered Bald Hill via Worn Springs after work.  Huzzah for light late!

 steep climb up 900 feet

panoramic views from the top

detour to ride the new bike path in Larkspur!

28 May, 2012

Rocky Ridge

Up then down Rocky Ridge.  My first time on this trail and I'll be back.

27 May, 2012

680 Trail

I rode the new 680 trail to Loma Alta.

680 feet is the elevation

Bay view

Unlike steep old truck roads, well made single-track puts a big smile on your face.

The addition of trails like the 680 are boosting the good stuff here in Marin.

Top of Loma Alta

looping top of Loma Alta

Public space for people!

Road closed or road opened?

25 May, 2012

School Years

This week flew by and the school year is almost over.

"The Earth and I are Friends" at Bahia Vista Elementary

Bike Club SF Ferry

Wow this week flew by and there are only a few weeks left of school.

The climax of this year for me was the bike club's ride in SF.

Our middle school bike club has been meeting since October and we rode to the ferry, rode the San Francisco waterfront, and returned to school entirely by bike.

With a totally flat and totally scenic waterfront punctuated by an optional climb over Golden Gate Bridge, it is no surprise bike rentals are off the charts the past few years.  While we easily rode most of the Embarcadero bike path, we did tackle a few miles of challenging city streets.

When I saw a perfect peloton (group of riders)  "taking the lane" with an annoying huge amphibious tour bus on our left and beautiful historic street car on the right I knew we had arrived.

Thankfully the daunting stretch is being redone!

20 May, 2012

Tour de Marin

Just got back from the Tour de Marin, 45 miles of road riding goodness from MCBC.

Beyond a few cars laying on the horn and dangerously passing crowds of cyclists and my allergies, the ride was definitely fun.

 a group staging at the start

Tom Boss giving the preride spiel

A pedestrian area closed to vehicular traffic?  
Go back to Europe you communists!  ;-)

I didn't stop for pics, but it looked like this + lots of bikers.

19 May, 2012

Lake Lagunitas

Virginia, Heather and I rode up to Lake Lagunitas this sunny Saturday.

Around Lake Lagunitas 

down Shaver Grade 

Bike Rodeo Friday at Sun Valley Elementary

18 May, 2012

Tour of Cali

Here's some eye candy as the Tour of California continues.

I'm not a huge fan of road racing, but I do love biking through NorCal landscapes!

Oaks and grassy hills

backside of Mt. Diablo?

15 May, 2012

Good News

I gots all manner of good news for you today!

Our Safe Routes program is purchasing 12 new Specialized "Expeditions" discounted through a grant from Specialized/Mike's Bikes.

our new safety-bikes

SF lowers speed-limits to 15 mph around 181 schools!  Despite the fact that lowering speed-limits is often against the law, SF managed to put public safety first!

13 May, 2012

White Hill

Another good day on the dirt.  I spun over White Hill.

going up and up,  false summit

summit view south to Mt. Tam

12 May, 2012

Marin Headlands

A spin around the forever scenic headlands

After this ride I was in 20th place in the California Bike Challenge, 344 Nationally.

11 May, 2012

National Bike Days

This week was crazy fun with National Bike to School/Work Day.  

During all the biking I watched a bobcat cross the road into wild-flowers.

And inattentive drivers collide on an industrial road near the highway.

The dichotomy underlies the choices we have before us.  We can use our limited public space for endless road sprawl or we can build communities with room for open space.

We're still building dead-ends with regards to safety, health, social equity, livability and sustainability.  It is high time America expects more from our public space.

Portland making room for everybody, even the trees.

Increasingly our environment is our choice.  As Enrique Penalosa says, we can build a city for people or a city for cars, but not both.  Choose life.

 Bike to School Day 2012

08 May, 2012

Bolinas Ridge

I love good questions and I got a few at Sun Valley Elementary this morning.

"Can we build less roads so that less people drive?"
The answer is simpler than you think... yes.

I took the afternoon to ride the remote Bolinas Ridge Trail.

my picnic spot

view towards Tomales Bay

a dozen kids riding home from school in Fairfax today

06 May, 2012

Oat Hill

As I was heading over Pine Mountain I decided to explore the Oat Hill Fire Road.

The weather was sunny low 70's and there were surprisingly few people on the trails.

climbing Pine Mountain is no easy task

views from Oat Hill merit a return trip

 I've been logging all my miles at Endomondo, in a few weeks I've ridden over 300 miles!

one of the local bike paths