27 April, 2012

San Domenico

Safe Routes was featured in the San Domenico newsletter!

Second and fourth grade students participated in special assemblies recently with Safe Routes to Schools. As Dr. Behrs mentioned before, the Safe Routes to Schools programs are designed to decrease traffic and pollution. They promote walking and biking to school and use education and incentives to show how much fun it can be! The program addresses parents’ safety concerns by educating children and the public, partnering with traffic law enforcement, and developing plans to create safer streets.  Marin County pioneered the national Safe Routes to Schools program that has spread across the U.S. Want to know more? Click here: http://www.aferoutestoschools.org/about.html

Today Safe Routes was at San Domenico School  to present a short play.

In "Pedal Power" the "Traffic Monster" gets his power from the bad aspects of driving.  The "Traffic Transformer" shows up and gets people into active transportation.  Students choose to bike scoot and walk onstage, causing the Traffic Monster to loose his evil power and eventually rejoin us as part of humanity.  Don't let the monster get you!

No Traffic Monsters at San Domenico. Yes, I have a bike on my bike.

I often ride and occasionally drive Butterfield Road in San Anselmo to visit schools such as San Domenico.  Unfortunately for the hundreds of students in the numerous schools, Butterfield Road is a scary road to bike. The road is a long dead-end with heavy school traffic and hurried drivers.

Poorly constructed "bike lanes" run the whole length on both sides.  Let's take a look.

Almost every stretch of the "bike lane" is used for parking.

Unless the "bike lane" is too narrow for parking.  

Even in the narrow lane, most of the space is unsafe.

Most cyclists try to use the lane, placing them mere inches from fast moving traffic.

I imagine if you never bike it would be easy to get mad at me for riding in the "car lane".  The reality is that the "bike lanes" are very dangerous.

The good news?  This is an easy fix.  No bike lanes and slow moving cars.