29 February, 2012

Good News

On average, two children die and about 50 are injured every week when someone accidentally backs over them in a vehicle... NY Times article about requiring rear-view cameras.

Good news because it makes drivers responsible for their vehicle.
"I didn't see..." should no longer be an acceptable answer to destroying human life.

I've talked about "backovers" before. But technology can not remove the inherent danger of large heavy objects moving, or replace the keen attention it requires to operate this machinery.

I offer as the "good news" FAIL of the leap-day---

26 February, 2012

Pan Toll to Stinson Beach

To celebrate Heather's B-day tomorrow we hiked from Pan Toll to Stinson Beach!

flowers on Steep Ravine Trail

a steep ravine indeed

arriving at Stinson Beach for lunch

up the Matt Davis Trail

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24 February, 2012

Coast View Trail

Hit up Coast View Trail now that my mountain bike is rolling again.

From West Point Inn you could see the boats of Sausalito, Alcatraz Island, Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and the top of Golden Gate Bridge.

On the patio at West Point Inn.

The ride only took a few minutes longer than when I felt like I was flying weeks ago.
Strange, but the clock doesn't lie.

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The rewards of climbing are good views, strong legs, and fun descents.

23 February, 2012

Civil Disobedience

I hereby declare civil disobedience against the lawless driving of cars.

This is a special form of civil disobedience called "civil-obediance disobedience".

That is to say, I proclaim that I will actually follow traffic laws when I am driving (civil obedience), despite the fact that people driving behind me may have rage seizures (disobedience of social norm).
  • Do not exceed the speed limit.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Wait to safely pass that biker in the lane.
  • Be part of a movement that saves thousands of lives per year!

You can lower the speed of traffic, making the street safer for everyone.

Take a stand and pledge civil-obediance disobedience when driving!

22 February, 2012

Paradise Loop

Mt Tam to Coast View was the last ride I blogged over a month ago!

After being sick for a couple weeks I am stoked to be back on the bike.

intersection of bike paths in Larkspur

The weather is sublime and cherry trees are in blossom, a great time to ride.

Easy 18 miles in 1:13 minutes.

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20 February, 2012

Separated Bike Lanes

What best improves safety for cyclists? More cyclists.

What creates more cyclists? Separated bike lanes or cycle-tracks.

Stats on bike facilities.

NACTO on cycle tracks.

15 February, 2012

Cargo Bikes

The beginnings of a locally made cargo-bike movie.

10 February, 2012

Fisherman's Wharf

I've referenced the Fisherman's Wharf in SF as an example of ridiculous street design. One of the top tourist destinations in the US, hundreds of pedestrians spill off the tiny congested sidewalks on Jefferson St.

Thankfully the absurdity is coming to an end. A new design will create space to walk!

06 February, 2012

Dirty Diesel

I've been sick for a while so the recreational riding and blogging has been light.

Now I'm back and feeling sick in a different way.

Lung Cancer Study on Diesel Delayed: The link between diesel and lung cancer has been studied, but diesel thirsty industries have prevented the research from being revealed.

Speaking of dir-tea. The Tea Party is protesting smart growth around the country, claiming it is part of a UN conspiracy to eliminate property rights and herd the population into cities.

Add the ongoing saga on the federal transportation bill...

going to my happy place: dutch bike parking

Thanks to the German car company for supporting biking in the US!

01 February, 2012

2 Steps Forward, 1 Giant Leap Back

2 Steps Forward: The success of bike-shares worldwide.

One Giant Leap Back: Have you heard about the new transportation bill in congress?

It eliminates all funding for cyclists and pedestrians, undoing decades of progress.

The bill constructs new highways instead of fixing outstanding problems like bridge repair.

It's not too late, take a few seconds to contact your representative here: