31 August, 2011

Bike Build

Ellen and the Playworks staff had another great bike build today.

New bikes from GAP assembled at their headquarters in SF

30 August, 2011

Bike Build

Playworks organized another bike build and give away.

65 new bikes were donated to kids by Salesforce and I got to help build them!

Afterwards I rode home 20 miles from SF.

26 August, 2011

Alta Trail

A unique cycling perspective.

perched on Alta, trail & path aligned center

Patch: Bike the Twin Cities

My new Patch article is out, "Top Five Reasons to Bike the Twin Cities".

25 August, 2011


Marin Board of Supervisors voted to invest $8.8 million in bike/pedestrian projects.

Two of the projects are in Larkspur. A geotechnical study for the Alto Tunnel and $3.2 million for a nifty bridge that will follow the old rail-line from Cal Park Hill Tunnel to the Corte Madera Marshes.

green- proposed path, red- existing path

my favorite proposed route

Did I ever mention I love bike paths? Well I do.

24 August, 2011

Paradise Loop

Smooth pavement & skinny tires = fast. Another fun Paradise Loop...

23 August, 2011

No taxes on gasoline.

The federal gas tax expires at the end of September.

The gas tax has not been raised since 1993. Our transportation funding is already broke and borrowing, yet there is controversy whether or not the tax will even be reinstated.

If the federal government doesn't move soon, starting in October gas will be a few cents cheaper and 90% of the funding for our highway system will disappear.

NY Times: The Clear Case for the Gas Tax

21 August, 2011

Bon Tempe & Alpine Lake

Heather and I rode to Bon Tempe Lake and Alpine Lake late in the afternoon.

Bon Tempe Lake

20 August, 2011

SPUR, Carbon

Crossing the Bay from SPUR on Vimeo.

Carbon calculator from The Nature Conservancy.

17 August, 2011

Traffic, people snarled.

Some gunman in a hotel caused closure of a few blocks of highway in San Rafael.

Traffic immediately got crazy, backed-up, and road raged.

In other vehicular news a car plowed into Novato Target simply because the gas pedal was confused with the brake pedal.

And anti-SMART train people take offense at being called illogical.

15 August, 2011

Paradise Loop

Did a quick spin around Tiburon on my version of the Paradise Loop.
There's nothing like a road bike to get you back in shape quick!

14 August, 2011

Marin Headlands

Even though Heather's mtb is female specific, the spring in the front suspension was still set for for a much heavier weight. Therefore the fork did not move very much. Replacing the coil (spring) made a big difference.

sunny & cool, perfect weather for a ride

Details on the ride from my Patch "Tennesse Valley to Gerbode Valley Loop".

13 August, 2011

Honeymoon: Seattle & Victoria BC

After visiting Ryan at Bicycles West we drove to the Olympic Peninsula.

After a 90 minute ferry ride complete with whale breaching...
We arrived in Victoria, BC.

One aspect of Victoria that I quickly appreciated was being able to cross the street without feeling like Frogger. Patient and courteous drivers also led to numerous women biking on the streets.

her cell phone in one hand, coffee in the other: Serious Coffee

In the news, Victoria considers a light rail.

Britain got the longest guided bus line. Why bus?

12 August, 2011

11 August, 2011

Galloping Goose Trail

The Galloping Goose Trail on Vancouver Island is nearly 40 miles long.

We rode the tail end from Matheson Lake Park to Sooke Potholes Park.

tricky U-turn due to gaps between the boards

viewing Sooke Basin

After the ride we did a hike at East Sooke Regional Park.

09 August, 2011

Cowichan Valley Trail

Today we rode the Cowichan Valley Trail to the Kinsol trestle bridge.

the Kinsol trestle was recently renovated

08 August, 2011

Port Angeles

Honeymoon Northwest style.

In Port Angeles I met up with Ryan who was racing downhill.

Heather and I rode the Olympic Discovery Trail while waiting for the ferry.

biking doesn't get much better