29 April, 2011

Paradise Loop

Did the Paradise Dr. loop out in Tiburon.
The legs felt good sprinting up the hills.

28 April, 2011

White Hill Bike Club

I rode with Kirk and the White Hill Middle School mountain bike club.

We did a lap around Tamarancho. These kids can ride!
a rider tackles Tamarancho

The return of warm weather.
The joy of tacky trails with friends.
The luck of retrieving my keys before the office was locked for the night.
Good day!

27 April, 2011

Stop STOP signs

I've always hated STOP signs. Why stop when there is no other traffic?

People seem reluctant regarding roundabouts, but small ones are awesome.
Roundabouts reduce injuries and increase efficiency.

As stated, road design is part of the efficiency. Not just the vehicle.

26 April, 2011

Mt Tam

Did the up and over on Tam today. Always a good workout on a single-speed.

22 April, 2011

Pine Mountain

I rode until my legs were dead and then tried to find my way home.

Pine Mountain is my kind of wilderness, rugged and isolated.

I returned on San Geronimo Ridge for a 4 hour ride.

17 April, 2011

Patch: Balance Bikes

My bimonthly "Sunday Ride" article is up on Patch.

a scooter and wooden balance bike

15 April, 2011

Pine Mountain

I'm not racing at the Sea Otter Classic today, but I will race next month.

Instead I got in a lap to Pine Mountain, which was much needed.
Alpine Lake

13 April, 2011


I'm launching Bay Area Bicycle Educators or B.A.B.E.

BABE is designed to network our numerous bicycle education programs.

05 April, 2011

Stanley Summits Mt Tam

I have a guest staying at my house named Flat Stanely.

Before I could take Stanley out, I taught some bike classes.

I stopped by the office and Peggy was coordinating the hundreds of classes.
Stanley helping Peggy with scheduling.

I took Stanley to the top of the Mount Tamalpais.
We stopped at some waterfalls and enjoyed the spring wildflowers.

Purple bush lupine matches his shirt!

Stanley's older brother visited me in 2008.

03 April, 2011

Patch: Southern Marin Line

My new article on the Patch entitled "A Flat Ride up a Steep Hill."

Southern Marin Line Fire Road

01 April, 2011


Cyclophobia, the fear of bicycles, is more common than you think.

I blame training wheels. These contraptions lure children into thinking they can ride a bike. When the training wheels are removed this false sense of security is destroyed in an often traumatizing experience.

In Europe, where adults use bikes without strong irrational fear, children learn how to balance before pedaling. These "balance bikes" don't create a false sense of security and leave the continent largely free of cyclophobics.

what's the big deal?

For whatever reason, Americans tend to falsely believe they are much safer behind the wheel than behind the handlebar.