25 February, 2011

Share the Road

Car commercials often feature driving at high speed on isolated roads.

This Kia commercial has that, but ends by sharing the road.

22 February, 2011


Repack became the first mountain bike race course in 1976.

The trail is steep. Those guys were crazy. Watch Klunkerz to find out more.
bottom of Repack

21 February, 2011

Lake Lagunitas

Happy Presidents Day!

Washington was a great man.
Last summer we ended our bike tour at Mt Vernon.

Today we celebrated by spinning up to Lake Lagunitas.

Do you see the dragon in this picture?

20 February, 2011


Rode into Sausalito and browsed the art galleries.

Petri's Fine Arts had pieces from Dr. Suess.

Being a nice Sunday the streets were crowded.
People spilled off narrow sidewalks and into the road.
secret beach off the bike path

17.6 miles round-trip.

18 February, 2011

Hal Brown Park

Hal Brown Park at Creekside in Greenbrae is now open!
Legally, do I have to stop?

17 February, 2011

Sharks Win

Heather and I drove down to San Jose to catch a Sharks game.

Before the game I visited my friend Wesley Wright.

It was a good game and Ovechkin was entertaining to watch as usual.
National Anthem
Sharks defending.

Our 3rd goal was shot by the defense and deflected off all 3 forwards!

After a late goal by Washington the score was 3-2.
We held on for the last few minutes and victory was ours.

Sharks beat Capitals with two 3rd period goals (SJ Mercury News)

13 February, 2011


We left at 11:30 to catch the 11:40 ferry.
It was a 10-minute sprint and we were the last people boarding!

The fog was in-and-out.
The peaks of the business district looked odd above the fog.

The obligatory stop at Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers was made.

The Palace of Fine Arts is open again. It looks splendid.

At Sports Basement we did a little shopping.
Did you know AAA members get 10% off?

Return via Golden Gate Bridge.

12 February, 2011

White Hill

I rode with Lou, her son and his friend.

The terrain near Pine Mountain is rocky at times!
near top of White Hill

The weather was warm and hazy. Good times had by all.

09 February, 2011

Lake Lagunitas

I visited Lake Lagunitas today and it was divine.

I saw the majestic egrets and a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.
Lake Lagunitas as seen from Eldridge

I sunbathed on a bench until a breeze convinced me to put a shirt on.
Ah, sunbathing in February...

07 February, 2011

Green Toys

I saw this Recycling Truck by Green Toys at Whole Foods.

It's awesome and it's 100% recycled made in the Bay!

06 February, 2011

Corte Madera Creek Path

Heather and I rode Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Open Space.
We got home via Deer Park/Shaver Grade.

The Corte Madera Creek Path was busy on this sunny Sunday.
Bikers, walkers, dogs, and kids enjoy this path.

Creekside Park is looking good! It may be open in a few weeks?
It even has pint sized STOP & YIELD signs!

Mural at nearby Bachich Elementary.

05 February, 2011

Deer Park

The Corte Madera Creek Path has reopened!!!

I rode the trails from Phoenix Lake to Deer Park.
15 miles and at least 15 smiles later I was home.
The weather has been amazing. Sunny and warm.

04 February, 2011

Lucas Valley

I've regained my legs riding over Mission Pass this week.

Another shortcut through open-space drops directly to Dixie Elementary.

Riding home in Friday afternoon rush hours I was surprised by the politeness or callousness a few drivers.
Of all the aggressive drivers those in a Prius are most confusing.
"I care about the environment but not you?"

Now for something completely different...