28 October, 2010

Cal Park Hill Tunnel

Cal Park Hill Tunnel opening postponed due to rain.
I snapped this photo today. The larger tunnel is for the SMART train and the smaller tunnel is for bikes & peds.
not quite ready

27 October, 2010

Rodeos & Rain

Awesome bike rodeo today at Brookside.

I got to off-road a F-150 towing our trailer full of bikes and ride steep single-track (pictured right of solar panels). Bonus!

As the rain returns, tomorrow's rodeo has been lassoed.

25 October, 2010

Ride SF

I was amazed again while teaching a 1-2 grade at Cascade Canyon today.

Not only did a student ask about electric hybrids, but a number of students initiated the conversation on hybrid versus full electric. One even pointed out that our electricity comes from coal, a surprisingly common observation.

I was going to run, but the clear skies prompted a trip over the Golden Gate. Truly spectacular. In San Francisco I turned around at Fort Mason.
SF from Sausilito

32 miles in 2:16 and some much needed aerobic up the hills.

I woke up feeling bummer, I missed the summer.
Now I'm stoked, waiting for racing in the spring.

23 October, 2010

Cliff Bar

Cliff Bar, organic energy foods, moved into their sweet new headquarters.

"childcare center, a weight room with a 40ft bouldering wall, a yoga room, dance studio, shower/locker facilities, access to five on-site fitness trainers, two massage rooms and a theater with elevated stage"
bicycle decor

Did I mention that it's one of the greenest buildings in California? Nearly 100% of power is from smart solar panels.

story from BikeRadar

22 October, 2010

King Mountain

Hiked Baltimore Canyon to King Mountain in the rain.

Wet redwoods, happy moss, and gastropods are familiar.

I saw a few deer and turkeys in town.

21 October, 2010


I tackled Tamarancho.
"a few very difficult sections that only the most accomplished bikers will be able to clean"
rocky rooty goodness

Last time was 2 weeks ago and I could feel the absence. During the past weeks a nagging voice kept telling me to get a run in and it was right.

18 October, 2010

Mountain Cruiser

Attack of the mutant mountain cruisers!

Take your old mountain bike and slap cruiser bars on (in this case with new cables to shifters and brakes, replace broken cantilever, and tighten headset).

Voila, an upright riding bike with appropriate gears and wide tires. Comfort.
Its alive! My latest FrankenCruiser

16 October, 2010


Biketoberfest is a blend of the German Oktoberfest and bicycles.

Heather volunteered and I spectated from 10:30 to 5pm. I heard some good Polka and talked bikes to people from Germany, Czech Republic, Toronto, and around the Bay.

Bamboosero let me ride a Bamboo bicycle. I reveled in the celebration of 2-wheeled HPV (human-powered-vehicles).

I featured Bamboo bikes in JBG February.

12 October, 2010

Point Reyes

Point Reyes National Seashore. Deer, coyote, snake. Seals, sea lions, pelican, grey whale. Plovers, hawk, butterfly. Sunshine hot and breeze cool.
soon I was sunning too

"Point Reyes"

11 October, 2010


Teachers have 3 R's: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Greens have 3 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle.

James Bikes Green has 3 R's as well.

Heather's old Trek MTB just got a second life as a single-speed cruiser.

upright-posture cruiser bikes dominate Europe

The handlebar was too far away and low.
Solution: $20 cruiser handlebar available from Dimension.

I have another cruiser bar installations on deck.

Ride SF

I had a stomach related illness this weekend and spent the whole time sleeping or watching TV online (Rick Steves on Hulu!).

Thankfully I felt much better today so Heather and I took the ferry to SF.

We stopped at Sports Basement and Heather got a pair of Keens.

...feeling much better now

the only real ascent on our ride home is GG

07 October, 2010

People for Bikes

People for Bikes just passed the 100,000 mark.

"The goal of peopleforbikes.org is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice—to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted."

I encourage you & your friends to join the likes of Lance Armstrong and Gary Fisher by signing your support today! It takes only seconds.

PFB desktop wallpaper

P.S. Look for me on their Blogroll-

06 October, 2010


Today was International Walk to School Day!

The bike paths were packed with walkers and rollers, it was awesome. Frances and I took Tam Valley 2nd graders on a walk to practice crossing the street.

Before our classes Frances was the "Traffic Transformer".

Tomorrow I'll visit Old Mill Elementary.


Tamarancho again today. Finished at White Hill to mix it up.

01 October, 2010


A smooth run over a rocky trail for me today.
a pro rips 'rancho

40+ miles between town and country