30 May, 2010


The sun was out and so was I.

34.3 miles to Trinidad State Beach in 2 hours 20 minutes.
uncommonly flat ocean

flowers abound

29 May, 2010

Kinetic Grand Championship

Bo is part of a team "racing" a bicycle powered sculpture.

Live Coverage all Memorial Weekend here!

42 miles of road, beach, and bay

23 May, 2010

Arcata Bke Rodeo

I volunteered at the Arcata Bike Rodeo this morning.

I was excited to run the traffic course this year. I snapped this picture before the 3 hour rush of kids.
parking car (red), taxi door, and intersection
Link to 2008 Rodeo

22 May, 2010


Home by aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The film is free on YouTube but be sure to change the quality from 360 to 720 to see the detail.

"moderation, intelligence, and sharing" -Home

"sustainability, efficiency, and equity"-me

20 May, 2010


I wanted to nap but the sunshine was too appealing. I spun north to the beach bluff and other secret trails of McKinleyville.
hidden suburban dirt park

The pizza place on Central Avenue is awesome.
20+ miles on a single-speed mtb.

15 May, 2010


I wanted to visit Maple Creek to enjoy some warm weather, but the fog overtook me while climbing Butler Valley.

Before turning around I went a few miles on beautiful yet treacherous Bald Mountain Road.

So many wildflowers and snow on distance peaks still today!
my favorite flower is lupine

Mad River levee, fennel and pea

I couldn't name half the flowers I saw today.
Easily more than a dozen varieties.

34 miles in 2 hour 25 minutes, max 37.3 mph

14 May, 2010

C & O Canal Trail

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail is a 185 mile gem. The entire length, from Washington DC to West Virginia and Western Maryland, is National Park land.

a historical coal shipping canal

converted into a perfect bike path
Bike touring is back on the menu for Heather and me in June!

09 May, 2010

Lab Cyclist

Stacy is doing a grad study on efficiency related to seat post angle. I got hooked up at the new high-tech lab at Humboldt State.
I definitely need a sleeveless shirt

movement of reflective balls are recorded by 6 cameras

down to business

Stacy enjoying the fact she isn't breathing through a tube

07 May, 2010

Campus, ACF, Park

Wow! I just took my riding to the next level. My confidence on the bike is unprecedented and I just hit half a dozen tricks for the first time ever.
long skinny ledge to drop

spring anyone? Gee golly I love flowers!

Another ride in the Arcata Community Forest.

the trails are drying, the sun stays late

Put in a few laps at the skatepark too...

04 May, 2010

Koerber, Bike Month

American Willow Koerber takes the World Cup lead!

It has been 8 years since an American woman broke the top 3 and much longer for the guys.
Koerber in white leader's jersey

Although the sport was invented just north of San Francisco 30 years ago, Europe has dominated the field since '95.

Koerber ripping race #1


02 May, 2010

Thornton MUT

While Mike and Stacy ran half of the Avenue of the Giants Marathon, Ryan and I rode the hills above in Redwood State Park.

I felt strong on my bike, the weather was perfect, and trail conditions were optimum. I had the best run ever on this trail today!

Now my legs are destroyed and my need for speed is temporarily relinquished. Mission accomplished.
swoopy singletrack = fun
Photo: Northcoast Bike Rides

Congrats to Stacy and Mike for spanking their runs!