06 February, 2010

Bikes Win Big


Seven years ago Safe Routes to School started in Marin, CA. After the incredible results of the flagship program, a national program was funded in 2005.

The federal money being spent to make roads safer for children is impressive. SAFETEA-LU authorized a record-breaking $4.5 billion for bicycling and walking.

Every state has a national coordinator and some states and/or cities have their own program!

Big in NYC

Transportation planner Janette Sadik-Khan is creating green waves in NYC. Bike riders up 30% each of past 2 years, thats amazing.

Those waves have just hit the shores of San Francisco. Market Street, SF's main drag, is getting "trial" bike lanes.

Birth of C4C

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) and Janette Sadik-Khan met last month to launch Cities for Cycling. C4C is an association of city transportation planners who endorse cycling.

congressmen bike commute?

Finally, some good news!!!
Awesome Videos from StreetFilms.org
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