28 February, 2010


Beautiful Bamboo Bicycle.

Bamboosero offers bamboo frames for $500 that are hand made at the source of the bamboo as an effort to offer developing economies decent jobs.

It would be safe to say these bikes have the greenest footprint during production. Bamboo is amazingly green and the manufacturing requires no electricity.

This line is offered by Calfee, who makes a high-end bamboo bike.

Featured at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond, Virginia last week.

Frames of the future?
Probably not, but very cool.

Boutique Calfee Bamboo

22 February, 2010

Crosswalks etc.

I've been walking more since my house is 2 blocks from Humboldt University. Walking is nice because it is very relaxing... until you come to a crosswalk.

Berkley tried using bright flags to alert traffic. Of the 1,000 flags half have been stolen and the rest aren't being used. Why can't we just write tickets for cars that don't immediately stop like in Oregon?

the "please don't kill me" flag


This 10 minute video from the SF police clearly explains that bikes should "take the lane" when riding next to parked cars on narrow streets. It is recommended to ride at least a full car door length away from all parked cars.

I'm applying for a Bike Advocacy Youth Coordinator position in Santa Cruz. The Green Ways to School program works with high school students to promote bikes as transportation.

Too bad my application was 8 days late! I just found it on Craigslist this Wednesday. We shall see...

21 February, 2010


I spun to Trinidad via Westhaven. It was super sunny and perfect all day! The ocean sparkled and the roads were dry.

At Trinidad I bumped into Lynn from Life Cycle and chatted it up on the ride home. I talked to her about bike advocacy and finishing my teaching credential.

Lynn, Vince, and Dave at Life Cycle are amazing people who have offered me sound advice over the years.

33 miles in 2 hours 09 minutes.
Arcata Elementary, checking in before the ride

After stuffing myself with banana pancakes I headed out on my Monocog. The forest drew my fancy and I was soon plastered in mud. I guess it rained while I was gone?!?

Good fun. I finished the day cleaning house, eating a hearty meal & watching Olympic ice hockey while digging into some homework.

15 February, 2010

A Cote

Saturday night I was treated to a 7 course meal custom made for Heather's family. The last course was Bob's Colorado alfalfa fed wild elk prepared two ways.

It was easily the best food I've ever tasted...
and the longest diner at 4.5 hours!

Each course was accompanied by a wine.

This restaurant is hot! Read the reviews at their web-site.


Off to hike in Briones!

09 February, 2010


After a year of pro road bike racing in Italy, Matthew Fritzinger became an algebra teacher at Berkley High School. During his second year he created the world's first High School mountain bike racing league.
both genders and all ages take to the dirt

Since 1998 the league has grown to include hundreds of students from the Bay Area, Southern California, Colorado, and Washington. Many other states are preparing programs including, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Last year Matthew Fritzinger retired as the NorCal coordinator to create the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

Here is a local CBS interview (2005)

07 February, 2010

DHin' Kneeland

We left the warm sun in Arcata as Adam's rickety truck sped us into misty fog up the mountain.

3 downhill bikes romped around in the woods, splashing through mud puddles and sliding over wet roots. I should have taken a picture. It's a rare occasion when I ride a bike so beefy.
Ryan's new bling

I often trash talk heavy bikes, but when you get them rolling down a hill they seem a lot less heavy. I must begrudgingly admit I had fun today surfing the turf w/the big bikes!

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06 February, 2010

Bikes Win Big


Seven years ago Safe Routes to School started in Marin, CA. After the incredible results of the flagship program, a national program was funded in 2005.

The federal money being spent to make roads safer for children is impressive. SAFETEA-LU authorized a record-breaking $4.5 billion for bicycling and walking.

Every state has a national coordinator and some states and/or cities have their own program!

Big in NYC

Transportation planner Janette Sadik-Khan is creating green waves in NYC. Bike riders up 30% each of past 2 years, thats amazing.

Those waves have just hit the shores of San Francisco. Market Street, SF's main drag, is getting "trial" bike lanes.

Birth of C4C

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) and Janette Sadik-Khan met last month to launch Cities for Cycling. C4C is an association of city transportation planners who endorse cycling.

congressmen bike commute?

Finally, some good news!!!
Awesome Videos from StreetFilms.org
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04 February, 2010

where schools and bikes meet

Safe Routes to School programs are getting new grants everyday. A search of Google News provides local stories from every corner of the country!
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03 February, 2010

Bulgarian Split Squat

Ryan reintroduced me to BikeJames.com where a burly rider/pro trainer named James blogs about mountain bike specific strength training.

Bulgarian Split Squats are my new favorite squat.

Sweet name too...

train each leg independently

That James guy has a lot of insights about mountain bike training.

Which is good because this James just started training for Otter '010.
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