15 January, 2010


From a human perspective nature can seem static. The forest appears identical year to year, the mountain is always the mountain, and (baring a natural disaster or human "progress") landscapes remain the same.

In the unstable coastal mountains of Humboldt the earth itself is imbued with the spirit of change. The land slides, waves break, and rivers cut new paths. It has been 2 months and a week since my last trip to Trinidad and much has changed.

35 miles to Trinidad in 2 hours 30 minutes

The mouth of the Mad River is a popular spot for harbor seals. Their home has been redecorated with tons of driftwood from stormy seas. The river is cutting its way north into the sand bank.

The broken, swerving, dipping coastal road has some fresh pavement. During the past years Scenic Drive has moved up to 20 feet and is now a single gravel lane in spots.

beautiful views, ugly road

I've never known a place half as well. I'm approaching 8 years in Humboldt and today I felt connected to the land in a new way. In such a dynamic environment, it feels as if we're friends growing old together. I reminisced about my first rides and how different we looked.

It feels strange to know a place. Strange and comforting.
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