09 November, 2009

EeePC Netbook

I'm setting up a new computer & printer for next year. I love netbooks and the EeePC from Asus sets the standard. I bought the first EeePC in '07 and Heather loves it!

The package of wireless printer w/scanner, external DVD burner, and PC costs $450.

EeePC 1000HE- 4.5 of 5 stars from CNET
This model came with Windows XP but I can't live without Linux!

Thankfully I don't need to chose since it is easy to add Linux to any computer by "dual booting".

OpenSuse is one of many versions of Linux

If you're experiencing problems or you are worried about security installing Linux can breathe new life into your computer and is the safest platform available today.

Any Linux OS = $0
Knowing your computer is safe & stable = priceless!