28 September, 2008

Meeting Bicycle Legends

Today I met two bicycle touring legends.

Tim and Cindy Travis from DowntheRoad.org
They plan to bike around the world. In six years they've covered
  • Central and South America
  • South East Asia
  • China/Mongolia
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Now they ride down the Pacific Coastal Trail from Alaska to southern California. To visit their website click on the business card Tim gave me or Down the Road to the right under "Blogs Links".

I touched his hand!

26 September, 2008


Category Upgrade! I am now an "expert" cross-country (XC) racer.

Old Categories----------New Categories
beginner----------Category 3
sport----------Cat. 2
expert----------Cat. 1

USA Cycling's new and old classification. I moved from "sport" to "CAT 1".

21 September, 2008

3 years of Heaven/Heather!

This weekend was our 3rd anniversary of being a couple.
I see nothing but good things.

We went on a hike up Jacoby Creek.

The next day we spent the afternoon at Big Lagoon Beach, where we saw a Grey whale just off the beach two years ago. I slept and Heather studied as powerful deep ocean waves broke shortly on the shore.

The North Country Fair was on the Plaza and we saw a lot of cool vendors. We had wonderful cool sunny weather.

**Big news for The Bow Rack. The store is moving to downtown Martinez! Congrats Bob!**

14 September, 2008

Horse Linto

AKA "The Bushwacker" AKA "Tish Tang"

The trail was littered with loose rock, leaves, and debris.
The weather was perfect sunny 80's.

Got whacked by a bunch of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Some sweet video footage in the next few days!

Detailed ride information on blog called Northcoast Bike Rides.

When I got home I did a lap in the community forest. Soon these trails will be mud, but right now they are dry hard-pack recently rinsed free of dust. A+!

12 September, 2008

Heather Farms

This Friday's tomatoes.

Last Friday's harvest.

Last Sunday's harvest.

05 September, 2008

ACF & Patrick's Point

After work I did a couple laps in the forest. I've been trying to work on jumping. I got a couple feet of air today and that feels big to me.

After a PB&J I hit the road. It was a really warm day, but a sea mist hung in the air at some locales that dropped the temperature considerably.

On my way to Patrick's Point I stopped and watched the sea lions on a big sea stack. They were being really rowdy today and jostling for prime position on the castle in the sea.

My favorite place to picnic during a ride is the Sumog village site in Patrick's Point that has half a dozen buildings like this for you to tour at your leisure. The door is smaller than my wheel!

Ride stats: 46miles, 2hrs40min, Max 38.5mph. A rare southern wind this week.

I came home totally bonked. I crashed on my floor and could hardly move. Days of riding catch up with you eventually. I ate some gummi-worms and rode across town to get some grub for diner.

Today I rode all three of my bikes over 10miles.