27 July, 2008

Paradise Royale

Shelter Cove has great ocean views and a new 14 mile bike trail.

Ride stats: 25miles and about 2,000ft climbing. 4hrs?

The climbs were mountain goat steep and tight.

Descents had broad banked corners, good rhythm, and a number of opportunities to set flight.

Ryan catching some air-

Back to the Sube for the long haul home-

One from last week, thanks Ryan and Stacy.

After all that road riding, I needed some time on the trails.

26 July, 2008

Saturday Century

Last night I decided to ride 100 miles. Come morning I got a late start and scratched my plans to travel through Eureka to Loleta, Ferndale, and Fortuna. The sunny, mountainous, and remote Butler Valley Loop called my name. I followed it with the staple, Big Lagoon/Hammond Trail coastal loop.

Inland it was sunny and 80F, finally some summer weather!

Before the Mad River crossing I saw a black bear run across the street about 50ft in front of me.

Mad River near Maple Creek.

After the river crossing I rode by a bobcat. It was about 5ft directly to my right on the side of the road when it saw me and freaked out. I guess the warm weather has everyone's guard down... including some of the crazy drivers headed to the Mad River for tubing.

I was getting worried about ending up a hood ornament with all the narrow winding corners and excited fog dwellers speeding for the sun. Slow down people!

At the base of Fickle Hill a cop was posted to watch for such driving. I was happy to see that, though it doesn't make me feel safer 20 miles out of town.

When I stoped at Big Lagoon I saw a river otter. At first glance I thought "Anaconda!"

Big Lagoon

Wild animals I saw today include snakes, lizards, turkey vultures, hawks, deer, a chipmunk, seals, a black bear, a gorgeous bobcat, and a river otter.

Ride stats:

Butler Valley: 45.1 mi, Max 44.2 mph, 3 hrs, +5,500 ft.

Big Lagoon: 55.4 mi, Max 40.7 mph, 3 hrs.

Total 100.5 miles in 6 hours.
Avg 16.6 mph, Max 44.2 mph.

Butler Valley: black/yellow path.
Big Lagoon/Hammond Trail: brown/yellow path.

Sun glistening on the light blue ocean surrounding the massive sea stacks (rock columns). Rock islands host hundreds of birds, a handful of barking sea lions, the flowering broad-leaf stonecrop, a miniature forest isolated in the ocean.

Scenic Trinidad

What could be as good as 100 miles of Humboldt road riding?
Paradise Royal

22 July, 2008

Monocoging: Hiller Park/ACF

What a day!

Got some sunshine later in the afternoon. I was surprised when my skin was suddenly warmed. What's that giant ball of fire in the sky?

After 7hrs at work I spent 4.5hrs riding my bike; including 16miles in the Arcata forest, Hiller Park in McKinleyville, and Mad River Beach. I'm getting excited about the 12 hour race. I'm also looking for ride-share options to the Howell Mountain Challenge.

My legs just want to race I guess.

19 July, 2008

Weir Races D-ville, Upgrades!

Photo:benjaminfish's Flickr photostream.

The guy with the destroyed bike is Mark Wier. He lives in Marin County and I've sat next to him in shuttles at Downieville, where he was the reigning champion of "all-mountain" downhill and cross-country racing until this past week! He was setting a record pace in the downhill when he got a flat, rode the bare rim, and eventually destroyed the wheel only a short distance from the finish line in downtown Downieville. Unfortunately he was disqualified for finishing without a working bike.


New Bontrager Satellite Fork: finally my Poprad (road/touring bike) gets a disc brake! No hassle brake adjustments, better stopping power, longer wheel life, less maintenance, what's not to love?

If you look at an older picture of this bike you may see red "bar ends" sticking off the ends of the handlebars. On overgrown trails those became hooks to grab berry bushes or tree branches :-o The colorful chili grips don't match my bike, but they match my hands alright.

Winner for best bang for buck: LOOK pedals & cleats.
I remembered I had an old paid of road pedals and $20 later I had these red plastic French cleats ready to go! If you look at the surface/perimeter of the two cleat styles it is obvious the red pair offers more area to distribute the weight and forces of my feet. The LOOK pedals offer a more secure engagement while at the same time allowing for natural foot movement.

16 July, 2008

Secret Trails, Prairie Creek

I had a great evening of mountain bike riding with some new friends who know some new trails. My legs felt pretty strong climbing into the hills and the descent was both fast and rugged. Nothing like flying through the woods in the mountains on 2 wheels I tell ya. I won't get into the nitty gritty, just imagine in slow motion a tire spinning, turning, gripping and tossing earth.

I went home to watch the setting sun turn shades of pink and purple over the ocean. I felt thankful for the having the time to ride, the gorgeous setting, good friends, a bike capable of amazing feats, and the skills to turn this trail into a roller coaster of thrills and chills.

The next day after work I hit up Prairie Creek in the Redwood National Park System. The riding was also very satisfying. The scenery was gorgeous as I pedaled past waterfalls, Roosevelt elk, ocean views, and pristine old growth groves.

15 July, 2008

The heat of July: ACF

Forecast today: low 53 high 63. Tomorrow: low 51 high 61. Foggy.
I'm wearing 3 shirts, a pair of pants and shorts, long socks and a hat.

Did a short fast fun ride in the forest.
My new policy, "when the trails are dry- ride them"

13 July, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

Vince and I cruised to Big Lagoon. It was a great ride. I missed a picture of an elk herd in the lagoon, but got one of Vince's new ride.

I'm moved into a new place now and it seems like a great match. I love watching the ocean from my room. I've always wanted to feel more connected to the nearby ocean.

What hangs on my wall-

Hopefully the fog will clear the smoke and this week will be good riding!

11 July, 2008

farm life, 'Tinez style

Here are some pictures of Heather's garden in 'tinez.

2-months later

tomatoes: early girl, sungold, lolipop, better boy & super sweet.
zephyr squach, sun burst squash, zuccinni
peppers & cilantro

10 July, 2008

Mad River Beach Ode

flowers perpetually blooming
haze dissipates on sandy shore-break
river where seals bask and play
all this every day
cool pacific lush coast

09 July, 2008

Fires cool training rides-

The smoke has blown in from the southern mountain fires.
A lot of nor-Cal is dealing with some really harsh smoke right now.
The sun glowed an eerie orange/red and visibility was short.