29 April, 2008

Mount Diablo: Take 1

A beautiful mid 60's partly cloudy breezy day on mt. dizzle. On the ride up to "Rock City" I saw a coyote, huge turkeys, a skink over 6", and a young rattle snake. The wildflowers were awesome and the trails were tacky. Spring in the East Bay is popping right now!

Thanks to Heather for the footage.

A tired dog. Too much bike chasing...

27 April, 2008

Chico Wildflower (Mildflower)

A great day for a bike ride in Chico. Heather and I rode the 65mile course up into the foothills of the sierras/cascades and down through the Almond orchards. Notable Arcata peoples who also atteneded include Ryan, Stacy, and Vince & Lynn from Life Cycle.

Nothing more stylin' than a crowd of road bikers (sarcasm).

24 April, 2008

Hites Cove Trail

Hites Cove is a spectacular wildflower hike in the Sierra National Forest, just outside of Yosemite. It follows Bear Creek to its confluence with the Merced River.

Bear Creek

Even without the flower the trail is beautiful!

Globe Lily

Chinese Pagoda

Indian Paint Brush

Blazing Star

Indian Pink


22 April, 2008

Yosemite Valley

Spring weather has filled the waterfalls of Yosemite. Snow could be seen all along the peaks (Heather even spotted an avalanche), but the valley floor was mostly snow free.
Yosemite has 12 miles of bike path. Bikes are the best way to get around the floor since buses leave you far from some destinations.
We did a few short hikes to avoid the crowds. A noisy school group and the usual crowd of German/Japanese/American tourists made off-season feel like "Yosemite City". To me, the most profound beauty of Yosemite is the relatively isolated backcountry. Where nature can be truly heard.
To end the day we visited the museum and famous Ahwahnee Hotel (indoor filming location of the movie "The Shining").

Water was flowing in abundance in every creek and waterfall.

19 April, 2008

The Sea Otter Classic

The race this morning went well despite the fact I have a chest cold. The morning was cloudy and cold. Trying to warm-up by riding simply made me colder.

Everyone seemed tense at the sport men 25-29 start line.

Dancing in a blanket to keep warm.

At the start of the race I jumped off the line first and got ahead.

Quickly my legs froze up and I was hanging out at the rear.

During the early single-track I stabilized and made a few passes. Last year this section was difficult for me.

Coughing up lung-snot w/aching legs, I considered quiting.

I felt like a snail. A sick snail.

Finally, I got the wheels turning and starting passing.

During the last miles I battled with another rider. I pulled ahead on the last climb and went hard into the final descent.

As soon as I realized I had fallen to the ground, I heard the chain-slap of the rider catching up. I jumped back on the bike and hammered to stay ahead at the finish.

With the wretched race over I proceeded to cough and gasp. A helpful race attendant asked if I needed medical attention. I replied that it was just a cold.

I did not feel very optimistic about my performance. Shivering in the dark, windy, cold Monterey morning we waited for the results.

I managed a 3rd place finish!

I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

The hardware.

A giant thank you to all my friends and family.
Your good mojo kept my wheels turning.

A special thanks goes out to my personal trainer Heather, Judy and Karen for their support during the race, and Ryan at Life Cycle (who literally keeps my wheels turning).

Stay tuned for reports on the beautiful East Bay riding, Yosemite, and the Chico Wildflower.


13 April, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

Today is the last day of my training. Everyone is preparing for the Chico Wildflower in their own way, so it was just me and Mike. We rode up to Pat's Point via Fieldbrook, Dow's Prairie, Westhaven, Stage Coach Rd, and back the same way minus Fieldbrook. Ride stats 63 miles in 3 hrs 33 mins, MAX 40 mph.

...now back to packing...

11 April, 2008

Butler Valley

Went to the top of Butler Valley. Ride stats 26.5miles in 1hr34mins. I follow the rolling river bank of the Mad River on West End Road between Blue Lake and Arcata. Today I was holding down 27mph for part of this section.
The climb is only 3miles up from Korbel, but "an average 8% grade for approximately 2.6 miles and gain about 1100 feet in elevation." (northcoastbikerides.blogspot.com)Link

10 April, 2008

Moving, ACF

Last day at the tofu shop, and only 4 more days in Arcata.

Stomped the ACF (Arcata Community Forest), pretty much the same way I did Saturday. I don't ever remember being able to haul like this! Its like a good dream, in which my legs have been replaced with crazy robot bike legs that instantly ascend any incline.

In a related note the weather has been warm and dry. This makes the ACF much less muddy. I even forwent my goggles and relied upon full fenders; during winter I can barely see out the lenses after a lap.

This has been a wonderful time for me to train, plan ahead, reconnect with my drive, and also make some tofu=$.

Thanks for your support- watch this blog in the next few weeks for ongoing hikes, bikes, event info, and BOMB pictures from all over Northern California.

07 April, 2008

Butler Valley

Did my favorite loop around Butler Valley and down Fickle Hill. Ride stats 45miles in 2hrs57mins, MAX 43mph.

Another arm-length picture-

If only I could find some quiet time with nature...
oh wait, the ratio of deer to people on this ride was 12:1 (another bike rider).
Never mind, I'm fine ;-}

06 April, 2008

Flat Stanley Rides Again!

Stan and I went out on the town.

We went down to the Arcata Marsh, and then we went to Humboldt State University.

While on campus Stanley visited practice for the women's Ultimate Frisbee team.

Stan tried his hand at mountain biking!

To end the day we went to yoga. Stan is very flexible.
I had a lot of fun with Stan, but he is leaving tomorrow for another adventure.

05 April, 2008


Did 2 laps in the ACF (Arcata Community Forest) 1hr15min, and then ran a couple laps.
I'm feeling fast :-)

California Street to #5 - 10 - 11 - 7 - 13 - 8 - 9 - 18 - (purple)
then 14 - 8 - 3 - (red) **both clockwise**

04 April, 2008

Pat's Point

Another Patrick's Point ride. The weather was unpredictable; early it rained and at times later it was sunny. The ocean was calm and streaked with light blue in the shallows. The seals & sea lions were out in numbers. Ride stats 46miles in 2hrs44min.

Wednesday I rode all over town, looking for steep hills after work. Tuesday I did a run around the golf course in Sunny Brae (5 mile loop).

Ride added!
Ryan and I are going to ride in the Wildflower Century, a 100mile road ride in Chico, CA. The ride is a week after my XC race at the Otter.