30 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

The wind was blowing from the north, and the temperatures stayed below 40. The riders were Mike, Ryan, and myself since Vince is out of town. We quickly headed up Butler Valley through Korbel, but when we reached the top Ryan was missing. Backtracking, we found Ryan's knee had blown out. Then there were two... Fighting chilly headwinds we headed up the 299, cut through Fieldbrook, took Dow's Prairie & Westhaven to Stage Coach Rd. When we reached Pat's Point we took HWY 101 back to the Hammond. It was nice to have a tail-wind for a change.

Ride stats 67 miles in 4 hours, Max 39 mph.

Saturday I took a strange trip to Lost Man Creek trail in Redwood National Park. The ride has similar stats to the Sea Otter race. Unfortunately I forgot my gloves in the car, and found myself under-dressed. Almost to the top of the 10mile 4,300ft climb, falling temperatures made me turn around. Back at the parking lot Heather had been helping a stranded boy scout troop w/an injured kid. He had fallen off his bike and broken his hand/arm. Their car had broken down, so Heather had been driving them around to find a phone. We shuttled them to the top of the trail and headed home from an unusual trip.

The weather has been cold! Freezing at night, and the sun offers little warmth in the days. Where did spring go?

28 March, 2008

Flat Stanley

So this Flat Stanley guy shows up at my door today...

I was about to leave him outside when he shouted "Wait! I traveled here all the way from Georgia on a mission from your niece."

Well that got my attention, so I asked him to come in and sit down. According to Stanley, he fell out of his envelope leaving a Post Office in Louisiana. Luckily some nice people were about to take a hot air balloon trip to San Francisco. Stanley knew what he had to do. The Stan-Man jumped into the balloon and said "Next stop California!"

When Flat Stanley got to San Francisco he took a trolley ride around town. While hanging out at the Golden Gate Bridge, he met a nice lady driving to Humboldt.

Now he is staying with me for a week. He has an idea for another adventure, but first he wants to check out our wonderful beaches and Redwood forest.
Seems like a nice guy.

27 March, 2008

Pat's Point

Went to Bikram yoga this morning with Heather. The 90min class was a nice introduction, and the teacher had been a professional road rider before an injury turned her on to yoga. I felt great when we got home, and I called up Ryan for a road ride.

We went to Patrick's Point via Dow's Prairie and Westhaven on the way up. The headwind was killer! On the way back we took the Hammond Trail. Unfortunately, the winds were shifting and we got a bit of headwind both ways. Ride stats 44miles in 2hrs25mins. Not too shabby, we did a much easier Pat's Point trip months ago and felt stoked about a 3hour time.

The sun is shinning, trees in bloom, the ocean sparkling, you can't beat the views!

23 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride: Butler Valley

The fantastic-4 on this ride were Vince, Ryan, Mike, and myself. We rode up Butler Valley Rd. in Korbel, down Kneeland Rd, and back to Arcata. Ride stats 3 hrs 12 mins, 50 miles, and Max 40 mph. I must say, the climb from the Mad River before Maple Creek to the top of Kneeland is my favorite bit of road biking anywhere, perfect mountain climbing grade.


To start my day I zipped and zoomed around town on my single-speed commuter. I hit up all the little fun stuff in town including the HSU campus, marsh, Community Center cut-backs, and Shay's Park. Then Heather, Nicole, and I played frisbee. To round out the day Heather helped me with my track workout. The routine includes running a few miles, running up and down stairs in the stadium, interval sprinting, lunges, plyos, various stretches, Pilate's, and yoga. Heather's help has been integral to my training since she carries the knowledge of many years playing organized sports.

21 March, 2008

Mad River

Hitting the training hard with 3 weeks to go, and no tofu making today. Ran to HSU and sprinted stairs, jumped on boxes, did a lil' lunges, before a walk/run benefit event w/a dozen kids&parents squeezed me off into the forest.

When I got home I jumped on the bike... which one... road today. I Did interval sprinting to the Mad River Fish Hatchery. Ride stats 48min 16miles, AVG 19.8mph, and MAX 31.8 (on rolling hills). It is fun to ride 25+mph, I feel like a car.

Sweet Map!- Check out my favorite rides-

Spring Hike

Thursday we celebrated spring with a hike in Prairie Creek S.P. along Rhododendron & Cathedral Trees trails. The 4.5hour long hike was in ancient old growth for about 4hours. Amazing beauty waited around every corner and, with the nearby Newton Drury Scenic Parkway being closed, it was 100% isolated and quiet.
Perfect hike!

16 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

Today we had a crew of 3-5 riders. We rode a loop through Fieldbrook, up Dow's Prairie Rd. and Westhaven, along Stage Coach Rd past Patrick's Point to Big Lagoon. On the return I took Stage Coach to Scenic and back to Arcata on the Hammond Trail. Ride stats 66.3`miles in 4`hrs`16`mins, top speed 38.7`mph. It was a beautiful sunny day and many riders were out despite the strong North wind.
Sorry, no pics. I will take a camera next time.

13 March, 2008

RACE UPdates: Sea Otter

When I registered for the Sea Otter Classic, I realized that I need to qualify to compete "expert". This changes my race from 40miles (2 laps) to 20 miles (1 lap).

I need to get 2 top 5 finishes in my "sport" category to move up. My new goal is a top 5 finish. If I meet this goal I may add another race before the next Otter so that I can race expert next year.

Did a couple laps in the community forest. It was muddy.

10 March, 2008

Bald Mountain

Today Wes and I rode up Bald Mtn. Road, and down to Lord Ellis Summit, before taking HWY 299 home. It started as a warm sunny day, but at the top clouds rolled in and the temp. dropped about 10 degrees. Ride stats 38miles in 2hrs 59mins and 5,200ft of climbing. Doing a bit of cross training this afternoon as well.

09 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride: Butler Valley/Samoa

Wonderful ride today. We went up Butler Valley, down Kneeland, and out around the bay through Eureka and Manila. Stats 55 miles, 3 hrs 45 mins. I tried to capture some good video footage, but that proved difficult on a face paced ride. I'm going back up tomorrow.

Mad River Bridge-Butler Valley Rd. -(limited color)-

06 March, 2008

Pat's Point

Back in the saddle. Awesome workout today. This morning Heather and I did a track workout that included running 2 miles, interval sprinting for another mile, running up stadium stairs, yoga, lunges, and a variety of Pilates influenced exercises.
Ryan and I went riding to Patrick's Point with an ex-soccer player who's now switched to biking. He held on pretty well, and our stats were 45miles, 2hours42mins, and 2,200ft climbing. The pic is lunch break.
It felt good to get the blood flowing again. I've been feeling a little under the weather after the insane sugar consumption during Heather's B-day (a cake and four dozen cookies were consumed by us in a week). With April 20th quickly approaching, my training routine needs to be dialed for the next 5 weeks.

An ounce of prevention...
Just spent $200 on bike stuff. About $70 could have been prevented with maintenance on my bottom-bracket. Riding so much creates accelerated wear and tear on the bikes. Even though my mtn. bike is barely a year old it needed new bottom bracket bearings, a chain, a cassette, and piston work for the disc brakes. Thanks Humboldt mud!