29 February, 2008

Snow Camp Road

I promise never to ride far into the mountains, late in a day expecting snow overnight, by myself on routes I assumed would work from Google-Maps.

If you're going to be stupid its good to be smart. Out in the middle of no-where in the mountains with the sun clouding over and temperature dropping, a decision was made to turn around. Images of a skinny biker clad in spandex-shorts frozen like a Popsicle started to haunt my mind as my legs ached with every pedal rotation. I had no idea what lay ahead, but I knew how to go back.

Enter this GPS into Google-Maps to see where I turned around.

Bald Mountain Road between Butler Valley and Snow Mtn. Road is the most beautiful mountain scenery I have seen since the Yosemite & the Alps.

Today's route in light green through Fernwood.
55miles round-trip in 3hrs50min, out on Snow Camp Rd via Bald Mtn Rd.

28 February, 2008

Lyon's Ranch

Yesterday Heather and I went hiking in Redwoods National Park (its on the map). To get out of the fog and dark forests we drove into the mountains to explore native grasslands. It was a perfect day, sunny, 60's, spring flowers starting to pop-up. We did 3 short hikes for about 7.2 steep miles: Lyon's Ranch, Dolason Prairie, and Lady-Bird-Johnson grove.

Lyon's Ranch is a historical sheep ranch. The wool once won a competition in Paris. This site consisted of a barn, shed, and on the far right a tiny house. Inside the house newspaper lined the walls dated 1912.

These are Roosevelt Elk and an old growth Redwood burned hollow about 80ft up the trunk, and extending another ~80ft still alive. These trees are practically immortal.

27 February, 2008

Bald Mountian

Today I rode back to Lord Ellis summit via Bald Mountain Road, and down HWY 299. The loop is featured at northcoastbikerides.blogspot.com, but I did their loop backwards. I was worried the road would be snowed in at the top. I risked it and was rewarded by wonderful mountain scenery and sunny weather (I could get used to seeing the fog bank from a distance). Ride statistics are 2hrs58mins for 43.4 miles. Climbing estimated at 5,237ft.
Happy Birthday Heather!

23 February, 2008

Rainy Weekend

ahhh, rainy weekend here. Heather I have been bumming around (after she got back from yoga). I cleaned my bike & changed brake pads. Yawn. We're going to watch Planet Earth all day, but before we dive into that we had to check out the trailer for the new Jack Black/Mos Def movie Be Kind Rewind. I bet you didn't know that Heather and I once auditioned as stand-ins for some big movies!

Spent some time reading about "Trips for Kids" a nonprofit to get kids out riding mountain bikes. I'm checking into volunteering at a local chapter.

21 February, 2008

RACE UPdates

Two storm fronts are passing through in the next 5 days. Today the NOAA had updated the forecast for rain from 95% to 100%. I woke up early just to check the radar for a 45min break in the storm; sometimes you can find a break in the morning and then be rained in all day. Lo and Behold! The massive coastal mountains to our south sucked up all the rain and it is sunny and warm! Heather and I quickly ate and had a shake before running a few laps around the beautiful trail in the groovy new 'burbs behind our house. One of the four laps was a fast lap.

Going fast has been missing from my rides. I love riding 60miles in 5hours, but...
"if you want to go fast, then you need to go fast".

My mantra from last year's Sea Otter training (I think I picked it up in a magazine somewhere). After the run I took my aluminum steed to Ryan's for a quick tune up and charged into the forest.

Mountain biking 7mi doesn't sound as exciting as 60mi road, but when you climb 1000+ft in 30min it is!

flying up the hill with abandonment , no regard for reserving energy-
I had yet to feel confident about this year's Otter.
Today I know 2months of additional training will bring me into the
"go fast" zone.

Physics has helped me determine my personal fit for frame geometry, and other basic principles are useful for a number of issues including corning, braking, jumping and my favorite- rolling resistance/traction! This could provide a really interesting lesson for the hundreds of mountain biking High School students in the bay area ;-)

The first ever High School mtn. bike racing league was founded in the bay area, and now includes numerous bay area High Schools.

17 February, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride: Redwood Valley

Redwood Valley & HWY 299: 53 miles, 3 hrs 40 min, +5,200ft. Vince Ryan and I traveled up the 299 to Lord Ellis summit (2,263ft) and went down into the Redwood Valley, home of Redwood Creek. The road was a dead end, but the creek continues through Redwood National Park near Orick and out to the ocean.

The route is in Yellow-

16 February, 2008

Valentines Hike

I just finished my journal for this summer's Germany bike tour. Check it out!

So much for rest. Thursday we did a crazy 10mile hike on the coastal trail south of Crescent City. The first picture is the trail head, giving a glimpse of the cliff that holds miles of abandoned highway, parts of which now lay in the ocean thanks to landslides.
what do you mean the road's closed?

13 February, 2008


ouch! I just got back from another loop up Kneeland and down Fickle Hill. I was FREEZING. My hands and feet (w/2pairs of socks) were numb. Next time I'm bringing gloves. Here are some stats 33miles in 2hrs15mins and top speed 44mph. Last ride I hit 48mph, but today my front brake pads are shuttering... it makes me shutter just thinking about it. Soon I will upgrade to a disc system.

Oh yeah, ran 3+ miles and did a little track workout yesterday with Heather again. The lunges were much less painful this time :-)

Now for some recovery time till Sunday!

11 February, 2008

Kneeland, ACF

Wednesday 6th: Ran 3+ miles and did a short track workout with Heather. I loved running up the bleachers, but the lunges totally killed my legs after 8yards!

Thursday 7th: Took Ryan up into the Community Forest to tour the new single track, and we finished the soggy day with the "couch" trail.

Sunday 10th: Vince, Ryan, and I went on the shop ride. We climbed to the Kneeland airport and looped down Fickle Hill (light blue on map). It was my first time to the top since I was scared away years ago by 2 passing logging trucks on a section with no shoulder. Only 45 miles, but some 4,000+ feet climbing! The first climb is 2,132ft in 4.6miles.

Here's a great link with info on my rides: I do mostly do kneeland and butler valley.

02 February, 2008


15 miles, 2 laps around the Bayside golf course. rained all day, when I saw a break in the radar I got in a short ride.