30 April, 2016


A day in Carmel a nice section of coastal trail in Monterey!

28 April, 2016

Rides for Work and Pleasure

Phone died so I'm waiting to go Fi. No Strava for a week is actually alright.

quick dip into the woods 

leaving the path for the great blue heron

always nice to ride with the principal

27 April, 2016

Safe Routes

Always easy to find a nice spot for break at Strawberry Point!

24 April, 2016

20 April, 2016

16 April, 2016


In N' Out and Tiburon walk, a perfect combination.

15 April, 2016

Mill Valley Parks

Nothing is more fun than exploring parks!

14 April, 2016

Corte Madera Summit

8 miles up 1,400 feet in under an hour.

nap time at Piper Park

open for business

hello friend

working on my selfies

10 April, 2016

Dawn Falls

A pleasant walk out the door and into nature.

08 April, 2016

SFD Overpass

Over the dangerous noisy and stinky mess of cars below!
New bridge, happy Friday ya'll!!!

07 April, 2016

Lake Lagunitas

21 miles up 1,400 feet in 1 hour 40 mins.

05 April, 2016

Around Town

 my type of street

fashion model