31 March, 2016

Safe Routes

Another great day teaching walking and biking!

28 March, 2016

St. Hillary's


27 March, 2016

Mt. Tam

Up and over 20 miles 2,700 feet in 2 hours.
Happy Easter ya'll.

24 March, 2016


Taught walking and biking and then shred the dirt, perfect day!

20 miles up 2,300 feet in 1 hour 45 minutes of heaven.


excited for the train!

nap time!

21 March, 2016

20 March, 2016


Riding around town with Jacob.

16 March, 2016

Dirt to Work

Warm and sunny again.

14 March, 2016

Lower Blithedale

Waterfall season after inches of rain the past few days.

Stoked that Tam is rocky and not muddy, it makes great trails even during the storms!

12 March, 2016

Corte Madera Summit

a quick ride between storms

08 March, 2016


04 March, 2016


I don't usually take advice from the shirts of toddlers, but he's so cute!

01 March, 2016

Safe Routes

I've been seeing more people riding to school. This morning I saw an elementary student with a cargo trailer and a student on an electric fat bike!

bike classes at White Hill middle