31 January, 2016


28 January, 2016

Point San Pedro

Point San Pedro Road has great vistas and horrible street design. 

"Bay Trail Picnic Lunch"

"Sunrise on the 40 mph Freeway in the 25 mph School Zone"

"The Intermittent Bike Lane is Blocked"

21 January, 2016

18 January, 2016

Corte Madera Summit

12 miles up 1,400 feet in 1 hour. Some turkeys along the way...

Jacob playing in the rain again!

17 January, 2016

Ring Mountain

Early cloudy morning ride over Ring Mountain to Paradise Cay.

15 January, 2016

Town Park

At the Town Park with Jacob!

13 January, 2016

Dirt to Work

Dirt to work, 23 miles up 1,800 feet in 1 hour 50 minutes!

four of "five corners"

11 January, 2016

Safe Routes

26 miles of exercise today for work and errand. Good to be back on bikes!

10 January, 2016

Piper Park

Another fun run to Piper Park.
3 miles in 30 minutes, plus time at the playground!

high tide

09 January, 2016

Cargo Bike

Staying dry in the bike!

07 January, 2016

Alto Dirt

Fenders and mushrooms weather.
6 miles up 700 feet in 40 minutes.

01 January, 2016


Appreciate your health and those who work to keep you healthy.

view from VCU Critical Care Heart Center

Virginia state capitol