29 September, 2015

Safe Routes

All D.C. Second Graders Will Learn to Bike

We're at Mill Valley Middle this week and I'm impressed every year by these students!

if you're lucky, you approach the school from the marsh path!

here are some fun images I've added to our presentation

26 September, 2015


Team MCBC competed in the Cliff Bar Cykelscramble and it was sweeeeet!

morning course walk

pure simple fun


sit back and watch some racing with professional announcer Cam McCaul!

happy to be rolling again!

thanks for the bow-tie Lou



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I'm sure many people are already anticipating next year! 

19 September, 2015

Hoo Koo E Koo

A quick spin up the south side of Mt. Tam after the "Family Biking" class!

18 September, 2015


27 miles up 2,700 feet to the world's best vista!

16 September, 2015

Lake Lagunitas

The trails are no longer dusty! Thanks rain.

13 September, 2015


 Great days with our baby Jacob!

06 September, 2015


A fantastic sunset in the Marin headlands!

05 September, 2015


Rode the imported cargo-bike down separated bike paths to Piper Park to play and watch cricket.