30 August, 2015

Safe Routes

This weekend we had a Safe Routes booth at Streets for People in Fairfax.

29 August, 2015


First ride on the new commuter.


Baby and daddy days!

27 August, 2015

Headlands, Safe Routes

I had things to do at home, but more than anything I wanted to destroy my legs.

Back on a saddle, looking like 100 miles this week?

To the ocean!

Angel Island, Alcatraz, cities, bridge, ocean...

biggest volunteer lunch ever!

24 August, 2015


A great first day of school for me in Novato. Donuts for second breakfast and a bacon cheeseburger for lunch, all calories gone before I get home from work!

Stafford Lake

Sinaloa Middle School

new bike path in San Rafael

23 August, 2015

Lake Lagunitas

A perfect afternoon for a spin with Heather. Thanks Oma and Papa!

watching the Great White Egret and Pileated Woodpecker

15 August, 2015

Safe Routes

Another great day at the office!


13 August, 2015

Coast View Trail

Coast View Trail, always good. I'm beat!

11 August, 2015

Paradise Loop

A nice spin on the pavement after work. I should do the Paradise Loop more often...

08 August, 2015

Cargo Baby

I've been riding, including lots of baby nap rides!

05 August, 2015

4th Anniversary

We had our 4th anniversary today and it was sorta sad because our rent went up 45% yesterday. Regardless, we continue to enjoy what Marin does best.

De Young Museum SF