07 February, 2015

Safe Routes

Unedited from the MTBR NorCal cycling forum yesterday:

When I was in elementary school, a group came to campus and gave us safety talks about riding on the road. I must have been somewhere around 8-10 years old. They went through hand signals and common dangerous situations, right turn lanes being one of them. 
The next day, the group came back and kids were encouraged to bring their bikes to school. They set up fake "roads" on the black top with cones and we got some time to practice safe riding strategies. We skipped out on some boring class time and it remains one of the best days I've ever had- at school.
Do they still do those anymore? I remember some of my high school peers just looking totally oblivious on their bikes. I wish that safety seminar I had back in elementary school caught on, maybe a once or twice a year sort of thing. Could be done in P.E. class; most of the stuff we did there was worthless anyway. Could set up little races and obstacle courses too, for fun.
It's called Safe Routes to School and it's totally awesome!