31 October, 2014

30 October, 2014

Safe Routes

Another great week teaching walking and biking in the books!

Traffic Safety Game at Neil Cummins Elementary

Mill Valley Middle School can see over 300 riders.
Overflow bike parking can get creative.

never seen bikes parked on a fence like this

28 October, 2014

Safe Routes

It's been a great start to another week teaching walking and biking!

24 October, 2014

Baby Friday!

On the morning hike we went up the stairs twice, up 392 steps!

Jacob ready to nap

It was great to see so many kids biking home from school, we joined the fun!

21 October, 2014

Rodeo Beach

I must admit, I love living near the Pacific Ocean.

I also love bright colored bike parts.

new yellow grips

I've been hitting the trails occasionally, most of which is still on Strava.

18 October, 2014

Christmas Tree Hill

I love hiking from home!

climbing Christmas Tree Hill

Junk mail I agree with!

16 October, 2014

Horse Hill

 Hike on Horse Hill with Heather and Jacob!

15 October, 2014

Tiburon Walk

Tiburon walk 5.6 miles with Sara, Jack and Isla!


12 October, 2014

Mall and Marsh

Sunday at the mall and marsh.

11 October, 2014


Another awesome Biketoberfest for the books!

chatting with Fairfax councilwoman Renee Goddard

08 October, 2014


Iwalk continues at Brookside Elementary.

07 October, 2014

06 October, 2014

Alta Trail + Marincello

Beautiful day for a ride at the headlands!

04 October, 2014

Friday, Baby Day!

Morning walk up the 196 stairs or "steeps" as I like to call them...

cool down lap on the old rail-bed

Friday evening is my favorite time to go grocery shopping.  Commute traffic is especially bad and the entire shopping center is blocked by stopped cars.  This makes me happy because it means those 1-3 ton missiles are all stopped and the stores are nearly empty!

Spoils of a Trader Joe's raid with no lines and no traffic!

02 October, 2014


BIKE SAFETY WEEK at Dixie Elementary!

campus bike parking