26 June, 2014


While baby, mama, and oma hiked I tackled a loop around Briones.

Mt. Tam in the background

25 June, 2014

Hidden Valley Hidden Lakes

I got in some laps at the park. Recently renovated Hidden Valley (16 acres) and adjacent Hidden Lakes (26 acres) offer everything you want in a neighborhood park: playgrounds, sport fields and natural open space!

rugged wilderness in the suburbs

also, my baby is adorable!

23 June, 2014

2008 Monocog, Baby Cargo Bike

Bikes, bikes, bikes.  My long time favorite has been a simple steel mountain bike called the "Monocog," of which I now own two.

hello simple, less time wrenching and more time pedaling

it comes stock with two wheels, one gear, and child like joy

My new favorite bike is our cargo bike.  Today we hauled all the baby stuff to a play date. I have to admit this is the coolest bike I've ever ridden.  Like all good bikes it carries people and cargo efficiently and elegantly.

The stroller doubles as a roof!

22 June, 2014

Headlands Ramble

Got in a good ramble with Chris along the always scenic headlands!

17 June, 2014

Iron Horse Trail

Nice ride along the Iron Horse Trail to Danville.

car-free and care-free biking


15 June, 2014

Canal Trail

Father's day ride on the Canal Trail.  Fun exploring some new segments!

where we tied the knot

14 June, 2014

Blithedale Ridge

Blithedale Ridge between Warner Canyon, Mill Valley and Mt. Tam.

11 June, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

20 miles along the beautiful trails near Lake Lagunitas.

07 June, 2014

03 June, 2014

Mom Visiting!

My mother is here and we're having a blast visiting our favorite spots in Marin!

mom in a bakfiets!

coolest house in the county?

Baby Jacob is doing great!!!

Bel Aire

The past couple days at Bel Aire Middle have been awesome!

winning the slow race