31 May, 2014

Fort Baker

We had a great Family Biking class at Fort Baker with Stoll Law!

foggy morning looking at the city

30 May, 2014

28 May, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

Last night I rebuilt my mountain bike from the frame up. Highlights include new wheels, upgraded parts, and lots of cleaning and greasing.

Simple is good. All systems go!

23 May, 2014

Lake Lagunitas, Cargo-Baby, Divvy

I got in a quick spin to Lake Lagunitas.  The dirt tastes so good when you're hungry for it!

Later we had our first bike ride with baby Jacob!!!

Also here's some great shots of my friend Lou in Chicago riding Divvy bike share!

18 May, 2014

RIP Amelie Le Moullac

A pair of cyclist have killed elderly pedestrians in San Francisco. They were found guilty of Misdemeanor and Felony Vehicular Manslaughter.

One of the SF cyclists killed recently by drivers who will never be charged is Amelie Le Moullac. 

Police blamed her for her death (even to the point of harassing cyclists at her street-side remembrance and failed to investigate. A citizen quickly found incriminating surveillance video from the nearest business.
District Attorney says... No charges against the driver.

Welcome to second-class citizenship.

SF District Attorney: “cyclists need to understand that they’re held accountable
to the same standard as anybody else operating any other type of vehicle.”

16 May, 2014

Rodeo Beach

Another great week of bike education.  Last night was our adult class and tomorrow is family biking!

After work, 29 miles on my 29er to Rodeo Beach and under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Flowers everywhere!

15 May, 2014

Free to Roam

Great 7 min PBS video. Don't entirely shelter kids from life, but allow them access to risk and failure in a semi-structured environment. Aren't mistakes the wiser teachers and the only path to building character?

Perhaps never more true than with transportation. Roaming the neighborhood was a right of passage for kids that is now largely forbidden. Help bring it back!


13 May, 2014

Bike-Mobile Hall Middle

Another great day on bikes with Safe Routes.  Hall Middle School rocks the bike commute. 

Fixing your kids bike right, Bay Area Bike Mobile!

students complain of frequent parking shortages, this is the spill-over

12 May, 2014

3 Mind Blowing Insights to Bike Nirvana

I've meditated on the bicycle and reached a high plain of enlightenment.


Follow these 3 insights for a shortcut to pedaling nirvana.

3.  The most accessible cycling is the highest incarnation.

          Everyone 8-80 years of age can enjoy.  All ages with a co-pilot.
          The most honorable ride is the one everyone can partake in. 

2.  Ride harder to live longer.

          Vigorous cycling adds years to our lives compared to low exertion.
          One must destroy muscle in order to rebuild it stronger.

1.  Purposeful riding brings the ultimate satisfaction.

          Not enough time to exercise, do errands and have fun?  Now they are one and so are you!

Bike to School Day

A look into my world.  Walk and bike to school!

11 May, 2014

06 May, 2014

Gravity Car

Back in the saddle!!!  In N Out Burger followed by riding up to Gravity Car trail, where this old gravity car used to descend from Mt. Tam to Muir Woods.

Cascade in beautiful Mill Valley

02 May, 2014

Happy Birthday Jacob

I'm a daddy!!!