29 April, 2014

Lake Lagunitas + Concussion

Got in a great spin around Lake Lagunitas.

Bon Tempe Lake

Then I fell on my stupid head. I turned towards an overgrown side-trail but then thought better, putting me into the bushes between the path and side-trail. A mild concussion but I went to hospital just in case.  The anti-nausea meds work very well, so that was nice.

Sure I've had some crashes, but bumps and bruises are better than sedentary living any day.
Sure I could slow down, but for me a minor ER visit per decade is acceptable.
The benefits of high intensity exercise on a bike are more valuable in my life.
Don't worry I'll be back at it after a short rest.

There's Something About Helmets You Might Not Know, They Won't Protect Your Kids From Concussions

Now to purchase a new helmet!