29 April, 2014

Lake Lagunitas + Concussion

Got in a great spin around Lake Lagunitas.

Bon Tempe Lake

Then I fell on my stupid head. I turned towards an overgrown side-trail but then thought better, putting me into the bushes between the path and side-trail. A mild concussion but I went to hospital just in case.  The anti-nausea meds work very well, so that was nice.

Sure I've had some crashes, but bumps and bruises are better than sedentary living any day.
Sure I could slow down, but for me a minor ER visit per decade is acceptable.
The benefits of high intensity exercise on a bike are more valuable in my life.
Don't worry I'll be back at it after a short rest.

There's Something About Helmets You Might Not Know, They Won't Protect Your Kids From Concussions

Now to purchase a new helmet!

26 April, 2014

Blithedale Ridge

Two days after a heavy rain and I don't need fenders. I love this dirt!

a quick 1,500 feet of climbing
earlier en route to farmers market

25 April, 2014


artist: James "Bikes Green." medium: chalk.  canvas: concrete

21 April, 2014

blue bike

This bike has been in the family for decades and most of the parts are still original.  Heather rode it in high school and college. Now I ride it on errands, like today at Trader Joe's.

18 April, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge

I got in a quick 22 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge and back.

16 April, 2014

Coast View and Coastal Trail

Spring break ride to Coast View and Coastal Trail is always good!

Coast View Trail

a great place to break down
On the bike path a spoke broke and deflated my tubeless tire. GPS Map.

15 April, 2014


I rode Tenderfoot for the first time on my off-road two-wheeled contraption.

King Mountain left and Corte Madera Summit center

Here's a shot of Tenderfoot itself via internet

13 April, 2014

Briones Loop

Briones is absolutely gorgeous right now.  Green grass and colorful wildflowers!

11 April, 2014

Warner Canyon

Quick ride over the hill on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Great Friday news! Caltrans approved modern street design, the NACTO guidebook!


08 April, 2014

Sinaloa Middle

235 6th graders at Sinaloa Middle School learned the rules of the road in a fun way today!

06 April, 2014

Coast View Trail

Coast View with a twist, met Heather at Tennessee Valley for a beach hike.

04 April, 2014

Family Cargo Bike


My 100% ready to ride custom family cargo bike!

ready for baby

03 April, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

Dang it's pretty out with all the recent rain and plant and animals and sunshine and...

02 April, 2014

Strawberry, Headlands

Today I taught 4th graders at Strawberry Point Elementary the rules of the road, which they'll use on their upcoming bike field-trip to Angel Island!

After teaching I spun my wheels along the clear coast of the Marin headlands on my knobby-tire bike.