21 February, 2014

Safe Routes Curriculum

A great teacher once said people teach for two reasons.  They like working with kids or they had bad teachers and think they can do a better job.

While none of my teachers were too traumatic, I often expected much more.  Education is not a past time or an occupation.  It is civilization's greatest hope.

League of American Bicyclists' Safe Routes curriculum has a lot of weird stuff.  It is easy to see the content that originated from adult sport cycling courses. Here's two activities that everyone uses but I would change.
-- --

1.  ABCQC:  The A-B-C-Quick-Check is a pre-ride bike safety inspection.  Remember kids, it's as easy as A for air, B for brakes, C for cranks/chain/cassette, Quick for quick-release, and Check for check.  

While I agree with a pre-ride safety check, this is TMI (as usual) and really... you check your whole drivetrain and quick-release before every ride??? 

Do you crawl under your car every time to make sure it's good to go?

2.  Rock-Dodge:  This on-bike drill has the rider head directly for a fake "rock" in the middle and then swerve tightly at the very last second to avoid it.  

How is swerving at the last second taught instead of looking ahead???

Kids have a hard time with the tight movement and it's not particularly fun.
I get the objective but I dodge this drill whenever possible.  

Wide tires/suspension make this drill pointless.

View our Safe Routes curriculum here.  Version 3.0 due next year.