26 February, 2014

Families for Safe Streets, Vision Zero

Sometimes I want to turn a blind-eye to the horrible injury caused by motorized traffic, but I know it is better to fix problems instead of ignoring them.

As traffic violence continues to be the top cause of death and injury in the first half of our lives (CDC), millions feel the pang every year.

But don't take my word for it...

Banning cars entirely isn't practical in most situations, but there are numerous strategies that have proven effective at reducing or even eliminating traffic fatalities.  

If you drive or know someone who does, please take a stand for safe driving and safe street design.  It could be a life or death decision for you or your loved ones.

We can do it together with Vision Zero.  Why accept death on our roads?

"The person might fail, the road should not."

25 February, 2014

Safe Routes, Cargo Bike

My cargo bike's first day at work visiting Neil Cummins Elementary!

24 February, 2014

Safe Routes

If you rode a bike to Edna Maguire Elementary today you won free shoelaces!

The paint is a bit confusing, but the new side-path is fantastic!

22 February, 2014


Spring is a month away but warm temperatures and blossoms have returned.

beautiful Heather on a beautiful Briones day


21 February, 2014

Safe Routes Curriculum

A great teacher once said people teach for two reasons.  They like working with kids or they had bad teachers and think they can do a better job.

While none of my teachers were too traumatic, I often expected much more.  Education is not a past time or an occupation.  It is civilization's greatest hope.

League of American Bicyclists' Safe Routes curriculum has a lot of weird stuff.  It is easy to see the content that originated from adult sport cycling courses. Here's two activities that everyone uses but I would change.
-- --

1.  ABCQC:  The A-B-C-Quick-Check is a pre-ride bike safety inspection.  Remember kids, it's as easy as A for air, B for brakes, C for cranks/chain/cassette, Quick for quick-release, and Check for check.  

While I agree with a pre-ride safety check, this is TMI (as usual) and really... you check your whole drivetrain and quick-release before every ride??? 

Do you crawl under your car every time to make sure it's good to go?

2.  Rock-Dodge:  This on-bike drill has the rider head directly for a fake "rock" in the middle and then swerve tightly at the very last second to avoid it.  

How is swerving at the last second taught instead of looking ahead???

Kids have a hard time with the tight movement and it's not particularly fun.
I get the objective but I dodge this drill whenever possible.  

Wide tires/suspension make this drill pointless.

View our Safe Routes curriculum here.  Version 3.0 due next year.

20 February, 2014

Headlands, Gerbode Valley

Recent rain followed by temperatures in the 60's has wildlife stirring.  I saw two coyotes, two packs of deer, and a rather large and casual bobcat on this ride!

I expected the bobcat to scamper off, instead it chilled alongside the trail.
I kept my distance and watched it hunt.

Gerbode Valley from the top.

Rodeo Beach at the bottom.

19 February, 2014

Blithedale, Alto

I went up 900 ft to the summit of Corte Madera.  Good ride.

Mt. Tam

down Blithedale Ridge

17 February, 2014


I hit up Tamarancho with friends on another beautiful day.

16 February, 2014

King Mountain

We hiked King Mountain.  It's great to have trails walking distance from home!  

Hit and Miss- TEDx

TEDxTalks are hit and miss.  Here's a miss and then a hit.

MISS:  Elf Electric Pedal Car.

Why?  The talk starts with listing the problems with conventional bikes; you get sweaty, they don't carry stuff, and exposure to weather.  In reality Americans  report not biking because their environment is built for driving. Largely they feel unsafe and often the distance is too far.

Apparently bicycles don't work?  This is a glorified golf cart.

Hit: Louisiana bike dude, Mark.

Why?  This straight talking guy lays it out.  Cars are super dangerous.  One of three Americans will be seriously injured by a car in their lifetime.  The costs of constant car wrecks are astronomical.  Bikes improve health, bam!
"I thought about bicycles, if I thought about them at all, the way most people in the United States think about bicycles.  They're either a child's toy, a rich man's obsession, or a poor man's last choice."

15 February, 2014

Alto to Railroad Grade

I went wandering on my bike before the rain tonight.

When I got back I took a test ride on our new cargo bike.

Totally awesome!

13 February, 2014


I have not been riding much lately and this ride proves it.

Strava doesn't lie, there were no achievements on this ride!

10 February, 2014

Safe Routes

I did a lot of bike schlepping!  Our organization has about 50 bikes (elementary, middle school, and donations) and I moved all of them today.

Ten of these bikes (plus an elementary bike with a broken pedal) I took home to tune-up before being donated to women who live in the Canal area of San Rafael.

I love having guests

05 February, 2014


Between classes I snapped a few shots in Fairfax, birthplace of mountain biking!

Repack was the first mountain bike race.

The mountain bike hall of fame is moving here soon!

01 February, 2014

Dawn Falls

We slept in and leisurely rolled through the marsh while doing errands.

Later in the afternoon we went for a hike up Dawn Falls trail.

Also we sold Heather's mountain bike, to be replaced post-baby.

happy trails old friend!

Earlier this week I was a Polar Bear, I love my job!