31 October, 2013

Corte Madera to Novato

I've been riding to San Ramon Elementary, the farthest school I visit!

I'm guaranteed to have a great start and finish to every ride since there's a gorgeous bike path outside my door.

a perfect setting to walk and roll

29 October, 2013

China Camp

Today I made it out to China Camp for a quick lap where there are great views of San Pablo Bay north of San Francisco Bay.

Views and Single-track.

28 October, 2013


Drake High students used bikes to get to the San Rafael Theater.

I ate lunch in a cemetery in Novato. 45 mile bike commute.

24 October, 2013

Tamarancho, 680 Trail

I was feeling a bit tired  but decided to attack the single-track anyways.

30 miles up 3,000 feet through Tamarancho and up to 680 trail.

SF and Tam from 680 feet elevation.

19 October, 2013

Mt. Diablo

Heather and I got in a long ride on Mt Diablo, summit charred from the recent fire.


Sunday we did a short hike in Briones with the niece and nephew.

15 October, 2013

Novato, TED

I had a great day at Pleasant Valley Elementary in Novato.  Our Walk Around the Block classes enjoyed sighting a hawk, smelling rosemary, touching lambs ear, and of course practicing crossing the streets (which are wide in Novato).

Inside parking at PV- awesome!

I had to capture this Halloween display I rode past near the school.

40 mile bike commute

14 October, 2013

Mill Valley

Today I made 3 trips to Mill Valley by bike.  2 for work and 1 for pleasure!

"Horse Hill" path along Hwy 101

Old Mill Elementary students practiced crossing the street and did great.  Mill Valley is another old town with magical Steps, Lanes, and Paths.

stairs begging for a walkin'

Later I took the rigid single-geared balloon tire bike out for some fun in the sun.

SF vistas

12 October, 2013


Another great Biketoberfest and this year my brother attended in costume!
Kids and adults had a great time at our booth with tube/tire and bean-bag toss.

Kids are traffic too, Safe Routes!

Packed crowd.  Good beer.  Good music.  Good times.

my neighbor Justin is now a mtb coach at redwood high-

...things you learn at biketoberfest

cargo bikes steal another show

11 October, 2013

White Hill

I did a ride to Pine Mountain and over White Hill.  This area gets muddy so I'll try to ride here more before the winter rains.

Pine Mtn. has rugged beauty

In the morning I did a quick ride up to Oakwood Valley before teaching.

lots of eucalyptus in Oakwood...

Last night our Bicycle-Pedestrain Advisory Committee met and there were some great ideas.  Corte Madera is moving transportation forward!

10 October, 2013

Roundabouts, People Driving Badly

Roundabouts; more efficient, safer, and better looking.  Why don't we see more?


Some people are reckless.  Some brake laws.  Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes not.  These people shouldn't be trusted with powerful machinery.

These Stanley Roberts videos often feature drivers behaving badly.

09 October, 2013

Tiburon Bike Train

Today many Marin students participated in international walk to school day.

Fairfax kids walk & rolled!

I had the pleasure of catching the inaugural Tiburon Bike Train!

Later that day I was off to charming Tam Valley Elementary.

bike parking needs to be expanded, again

One thing I love about biking is enjoying the views. This morning I watched the sunrise over the city and it was awesome.

08 October, 2013


Commuting to Novato means 40 miles of riding!
Before heading north, I stopped at Sun Valley Elementary.

morning light on our proudly displayed banner

The long and hilly route to Novato is actually quite pleasant to ride, especially on the separated bike paths!
nice new pavement along the path

05 October, 2013

Eldridge, Lake Lagunitas, Blithedale

The woods and dirt smelled of wonderful summer.  Beautiful day for a ride.

04 October, 2013

Dixie Bike Rodeo

I had an awesome time at Dixie Elementary during our bike rodeo!

Dixie students bike!

01 October, 2013


35 beautiful miles of bike commute today to Dixie Elementary and the Marin Civic Center for a meeting about the future of trail access to Marin open space.

Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP)

A few  members of the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League spoke and they certainly stole the show.  High School mountain biking is growing nationally and this new generation represents us better than any past.

Young people want access to healthy outdoor recreation!

Taylor's bike after I added "tourist" bars